New Blogroll Addition

Blackfork (Robert) runs and incredibly well written blog, and it’s high time I added him to the blogroll.  Here is his coverage of the Texas State Rifle and Pistol Assocation 2008 Garand Championships here, here, here and here.  His YouTube channel was also pretty helpful to me in figuring out how to rig up the M1907 sling I had just bought to my AR.

Compare and Contrast

This kind of crap freaks me the hell out.

UPDATE: Wretchard notices too.  In the past it’s always been our country or our traditions that’s inspired us to song.  This was to be a nation of laws, not of men.  I can’t imagine any politician on the American scene inspiring me to song, and the fact that Barack Obama is having this effect on people is nearly enough to make me pray for his defeat.

UPDATE: Jim Lindgren says:

My first thought was that neither Obama nor his staff is responsible for this video, nor would Obama recommend such devotional singing. My second thought was that – as creepy and inappropriate as this singing is – it’s not as bad as what Obama is actually proposing: forcing all children, starting at the age of 11, to give 50 hours a year of child labor working in their communities at the direction of the federal government. When Obama himself crosses the line, it’s not surprising that some of his supporters do as well.

Here here.

This Isn’t a Left/Right Issue Right?

I understand that NRA is trying to attack Biden here, and I fully support that, but I would beware of highlighting articles that have language like this:

Just imagine what the sneering left intelligentsia, in the United States and elsewhere, would have said if a Republican vice-presidential candidate had told CBS News that “when the stockmarket crashed [in 1929], Franklin Roosevelt got on television” and informed Americans what had happened.
Gun rights isn’t a left/right, Democrat Republican issue right?  As it turns out, the article linked to had some bits that would have been far better to highlight from a gun standpoint:
The feminist Maureen Dowd has depicted Palin as “the glamorous Pioneer Woman, packing a gun, a baby and a Bible”. Professor Wendy Doniger, of the University of Chicago, has gone further, declaring that Palin’s “greatest hypocrisy is her pretence that she is a woman”. And the NBC News commentator Andrea Mitchell has been reported as maintaining that “only the uneducated would vote for Mrs Palin”.
NRA needs to be careful not to turn this into a left/right divide.  It often is, but that’s not ideally how we want to frame it.  It’s one thing to highlight gaffes from candidates who are against us, even if they are gaffes on other issues, but we must take pains not to come off as blatantly partisan when doing so, or diluting the pro-Second Amendment message by mixing them with other issues.

Going High-Tech for Gun Show Outreach

One thing I want to do for the Allentown show this weekend is make our table look attractive, to entice people to come over and talk with us.  The typical literature isn’t very interesting or eye catching, especially when you’re in a room with wall-to-wall guns.

In the mail is a digital picture frame, which I will use on the table to play video.  I’m planning on running the NRA Katrina video on that, with some literature placed near it.  In the other corner of the table, I’m going to borrow a Shuttle PC from my friend Jason, along with an LCD touch screen.  My idea was to put up NRA’s O-Match application up full screen and let people use it.  I figured kids especially may be drawn in, giving us an opportunity to talk to the parents.  Can you say “Barack Obama is a free speech stifling, gun banning weasel?  I knew you could.”  This should be something different, and we’ll see how this experiment goes.  I might lose my faith in humanity if I discover that cats and humans have more in common than I once thought, but if I get some more people at my table, and on my e-mail list, I’ll be happy.

Resistance Against Local Gun Ordinance

The Lehigh County District Attorney is resisting attempts by Allentown to pass local gun ordinances similar to Phialdelphia’s.  If people want to know why we defend preemption tooth and nail, this is why.  Before long you have a patchwork of laws that no one can reasonably comply with:

Any officer who makes an arrest under the ordinance could face obstruction of justice charges, Martin said in an interview Monday.

”The issue is clear,” Martin said. ”When it comes to gun-control legislation, any city ordinance is preempted by state law and that makes any Allentown law unenforceable.”

James Martin deserves the support of gun owners for being willing to stand by the law and our state’s constitution.

Dear Governor Rendell,

I would like you to explain why it took the death of four police officers before you thought it might be a good idea to review the practices of the Pennsylvania Parole Board?  The other officers that were killed weren’t murdered by Boy Scouts.  This has been a systemic problem, and it’s outrageous that only after Philadelphia has buried four officers you now feel the need to actually start looking at the problem.


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