Has Anyone Noticed Google Alerts Ceasing to Work?

One thing that makes it hard to find stories is Google Alerts either seem to not work entirely, or are very incomplete. I’m really hoping that Google isn’t planning to put Alerts out to pasture with Google Reader. Alerts are a core function of their search engine, which is kind of their core business. I can see Google putting Reader out to pasture, but Alerts? I hope not. But over the past several months, my alerts miss the vast majority of stuff out there.

16 thoughts on “Has Anyone Noticed Google Alerts Ceasing to Work?”

  1. I’ve noticed it over the past few months.

    I used to get alerts many times a day. Then once a day.

    Now? I’m lucky to get one bi-weekly.

  2. I have over 50 active alerts running and I’ve noticed recently that they are slow in coming in and sometimes they do miss articles or postings that i’m interested in

  3. The Reader shutdown sucked. RSS is how I keep current on sites such as this. I found replacements for what Reader did, but I’m much more wary of adopting new apps from Google.

  4. The drop in # of hits seemed to happen a while ago in my own email alerts: http://www.gwern.net/Google%20Alerts

    On the plus side, the count seems to be gradually increasing. My emails aren’t so sparse as they were for a long time. (Does mean more spam in them, but can’t have everything.)

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