Privacy Policy

Attention European Union regulators sticking your piggish noses here sniffing around for GRDP compliance: my server resides in the United States and is subject to the laws of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I recognize no other legal authority. I certainly do not recognize your legal authority over me, who does no business within Europe and has no presence there. So pretty please, very kindly, fuck off.

For those of you who are not meddling European regulators, unlike Facebook, we do not collect or share any personally identifying information about our users. When a person comments, they reveal only their chosen name or alias, the IP they came from, and a voluntary e-mail address we use for uniquely identifying users (and do not verify). We do not share any of this information except by court order. Our Facebook application is only used by this site to post to our Facebook page. It does not collect information about users. We do run Google ads, and they may set cookies, but you can go after them if you don’t like what they’re doing.