Democratic Nominee Onorato Runs Left

Describing rumors of his pro-gun positions as “mischaracterizations,” when Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato declared his candidacy for Governor in Philly this morning, he called for non-specific “common sense” gun control.

I asked a reporter on the scene what exactly a “common sense” gun law was, but he didn’t have any specifics other than a vague reference by Onorato to child locks. However, he did say he would get back to Onorato on it.

It seems rather odd that Onorato is seemingly running left on gun issues, when he said later that these issues won’t really matter in the 2010 election, it will be more about the economy. If he does, it will be at his own political peril. Of course, he might already know that given this tweet from John Micek:

Onorato event in HBG is in front of Colonial-Era Graveyard. Put out an APB to Metaphor Police.

UPDATE: He also specifically mentioned lost-and-stolen, a law that would turn the legal system upside down for gun owners. We would have to prove our innocence rather than law enforcement proving that we did anything wrong.

3 thoughts on “Democratic Nominee Onorato Runs Left”

  1. Well, of course. He’s a democrat. They’ll always lie to get a vote and then will toe the party line.

    Liars and frauds–alla them.

    1. There are plenty of true pro-gun Democrats who aren’t afraid of standing up for the Second Amendment.

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