Obama Signs National Park Carry Reform

Those are words I never thought I’d ever write, but it’s been signed.  Unfortunately, the text of the credit card bill says its provisions and amendments don’t go into effect for another nine months, but I don’t yet know whether or not that applies to this as well.  I suspect it does.  So we’ll have to wait until February 22nd, 2010.

UPDATE: PSH already coming in.  People will carry guns on the White House lawn!  Quick, hide the water dog!

UPDATE: Obama’s signing statement contained no mention of guns, though it was briefly mentioned beforehand.   Sorry Bradys!

UPDATE: NRA’s presser is here, and confirms this does not go into effect until February 22nd, 2010.

23 thoughts on “Obama Signs National Park Carry Reform”

  1. I kind of suspect that Obama has quickly figured out what he perceives as good for him, and what he doesn’t.

    And disparaging second amendment rights is, at this time, not good for him.

    Good call, Sebastian.

  2. It does contain a statement on guns, one I agree with:

    ‘”With this bill we’re putting in place some common sense reforms,” the president said during signing ceremonies at the White House.’

    We need some more common sense reforms of gun policy! Go Obama!

  3. Since this is the one and only pro-gun bill Obama has faced, and he signed it without comment, does he now get an “A” rating from the NRA? Will he at least be lifted from “F”?

    It’s weird, but I can’t think of any other pro-civilian carry bill ever passed at the Federal level. And now here is the first, and signed by BHO.

    It doesn’t take effect until 2/22, I wonder if there are behind the scenes plans to find a way to scuttle it? Like maybe approve some stupid UN treaty on national treasures or some such.

  4. So how about getting the injunction on the Bush administration rule lifted! After all, the EIS statement is no longer needed.

  5. So, Now how do we go to work on ACES? Do you think that DC judge will lift the injunction? The suit is about mute. The new law will take effect before the case can be settled I suspect.

  6. Since this is the one and only pro-gun bill Obama has faced, and he signed it without comment, does he now get an “A” rating from the NRA? Will he at least be lifted from “F”?

    As far as I’m concerned the Obamination still rates a “F”. Just because he ONCE has done something pro-second ammendment dos’nt undo what he’s done, and attempted to do, to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms in the past.

  7. There will be no repealing this amendment for quite some time. Seventy percent of the Senate voted for it, as did 66% of the house.

    There will be (and has been) some hysterical comments made, but these will fade when it goes into effect … just has the vocal opposition to the various state carry laws.

    I think Obama will remain F-rated, because what he did was to sign a credit card company regulation bill, and not a pro-gun bill. Does anyone here doubt he would have vetoed the parks carry bill if it would have stood alone?

    Coburn and his friends found a way to put a pro-gun rider onto legislation the Dems wanted very badly … legislation that passed the senate by 95% and the house by 85%. There was no stopping that credit card legislation. Coburn and allies know this was the only way to make progress in these times. I predict that they will do it again.

  8. RE: the last paragraph of my last post …

    I forgot to add that in my opinion, forcing congress to vote AGAIN on this same amendment simply to move the effective date forward seems petty … like kid’s play.

    I truly hope that Coburn isn’t that stubborn. There are already plenty of folks bitter about a gun amendment attached to credit card legislation … why give them more ammo and more justification for bitterness with a petty move to correct a small mistake? I hope Coburn is smarter than that.

  9. Coburn could add the “parkd carry is effective immediately” language to another amendment, and it would be great if that amendment were something along the lines of open carry legalization nationwide, or repeal of the point system that effectively became import restrictions on small handguns.

    And this is the correct blog on which to hope for the latter…..

  10. The handgun point system is actually just something ATF pulled out of their asses. It’s not a law or regulation anywhere. It’s how they’ve decided to implement the “sporting purposes” language in GCA 68. I think we need to get rid of that, but it’s going to be more controversial.

  11. This is certainly great news….well done NRA!

    Let’s keep the pressure on….support your local gun clubs, encourage and/or take a new prospective shooter to the range and get vocal…

    We can make a difference…


  12. The Brady Campaign was right, at least so far, Obama is signing “common sense gun control” laws like this one.

    Rather then attacking the phrase, it should be co-opted to mean laws to protect gun rights.

  13. Remember Obama taught Constitutional Law. The Supreme Court has decided that it is our Constitutional right to Keep and Bear Arms. Aside from trying to keep firearms out of the hands of nut jobs, felons and illegals bringing them to Mexico, I don’t think we will see any anti carry legislation during his term. AWB possibly, but hunting long arms and CCW handgun bans, not likely. I personally don’t feel a need to rock-n-roll on the range with an AK, but to each his own. I care more about protecting my family at home and while out an about with a legally concealed handgun.

  14. As I understand it all it’s going to cost us is a surcharge on our credit card bills to “bail out” the folks who default on theirs.

    Once a month.


  15. UPDATE: PSH already coming in. People will carry guns on the White House lawn! Quick, hide the water dog!

    Well, staffers do have the right to protect themselves from Rahm Emmanuel!

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