Wouldn’t You Know It?

I’m shooting a Garand match tomorrow, and I don’t have a sling for my Garand.  I do have an M1907 sling, but that’s on my AR, and since I’m also shooting the AR in the CMP match after the Garand match, I don’t want to transfer it.  A commie sling is just going to have to do.  The one that came with my PSL seems to work fine as a hasty sling on a Garand.  I took the Garand to the range today to make sure it was zeroed, and to try some strings standing slowfire.  Unlike with my AR, my groups are all to the right, and low more often than high.  I think need to shift my weight around differently for the Garand.  Next months for the CMP match at my club, I think I’ll slap the Ko-tonics (looks like they changed names) 6.8 upper on the AR and shoot that.

2 thoughts on “Wouldn’t You Know It?”

  1. You know, here in Noo Yawk, we can’t have a flash suppressor on our post-ban AR-15s, but we can have a muzzle brake. I still can’t see the distinction between the two. I swear, these idiot politicians pass stupid laws just to pass stupid laws. WTF??

  2. My club has a Garand/carbine match today…. of which I own none.
    I was thinking I’d shoot the old Mauser in the match anyway, as nobody minds.
    But… 70% storms and thunder stuff. I’ll probably go just to see if the match is held… It’s run by some tough old birds and they’ll probably show up.

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