Overheard at Obama Headquarters

*ring* *ring* *ring*

Bob: Hello, this is Bob Ricker of American Hunters and Shooters.

Obama: Hey man, you told me if you guys endorsed me, all those crackers outside of Philadelphia would cast their vote for me.  What the hell?

Bob: Look Barry, we’ll help you out in Indiana, for sure.  My buddy Paul tells me we’re sure to deliver Fort Wayne.  And there’s Gary Barry, don’t forget about Gary!

Obama: Indiana?  Are you crazy?  Those guys are even more bitter than Pennsylvanians.

Bob: We’re confident we can deliver the rich Perazzi shotgun vote.  Those guys love us.

Obama: How many of those guys are in Indiana?  Can you really deliver?

Bob: Can we deliver?  Can we deliver?  Is your name Barack Hussein Obama?


Bob: Sorry Barry.  Look, it’s not our fault that Pennsylvania has so many whacko gun owners.  We think we can get you to within at least 5 points of Hillary in Indiana.  At least.  Trust us on this.

Obama: I’m starting to think you guys are full of crap Bob.

Bob: A group called Hunters and Shooters endorsing you?  What gave it away?

Obama: You just better help me out in Indiana!


7 thoughts on “Overheard at Obama Headquarters”

  1. That’s some funny stuff, right there.

    But man…do I want to see BHO win this Dem nom…

  2. Saying Rural Pennsylvanians have an attachment to firearms, is like saying Casanova was a mild fancier of women.

    One trip to either the Valley Forge or a MAAC show would show just how badly he stepped in it with his potential voters.

  3. We still don’t have enough people across the country who know about these clowns but, we’re off to a very good start.

    And that’s exactly how that conversation must have went, funny stuff Sebastian.

    I have a quick question though…How many of you think that “working class white southerners” may have something in common with the citizens of Pennsylvania?

    Hillary Can’t Wait: Screw’emGate

  4. Depends on which part of Pennsylvania. It’s worthwhile to note that Bobby Lee didn’t have too much trouble surrounded by the people in south-central Pennsylvania until he encountered the federal army.

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