Lehigh County Has a Good Prosecutor

Second Amendment supporters need to get in touch with Lehigh County District Attorney James Martin, because he’s standing up for us in fighting Allentown’s violation of statewide preemption:

Martin reiterated his pledge to seek non-enforcement of the law, saying if someone is arrested, he will seek to intervene on the person’s behalf to get the case dismissed. “I certainly have the authority, based on the duties of the district attorney established by the state,” Martin said. “I control the keys to the courthouse.”

Martin also said that he is considering joining the National Rifle Association in its fight to get a similar law in Philadelphia tossed, as well as pursuing his own challenge of Allentown’s law.

“I will be proactive,” he declared.

If you want to contact the District Attorney to thank him for taking this stand, you can find his contact information here.  It’s good to see an elected official in this area standing up for the law.