Ed Rendell Also Shameless

He’s calling for a renewal of the assault weapons ban:

Rendell says the gun that cut down Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski (see related story) was a Chinese assault weapon, and he says that there used to be a ban on importing assault weapons:

“And yet in 2004, the Congress of the United States — often some of the very same congressmen who would come and attend ceremonies like this — let the assault weapons ban lapse.”

The governor acknowledged that the gun that killed Liczbinski was brought into the country “well before that action,” but says it’s symptomatic of the refusal of lawmakers to provide “maximum protection” to law enforcement:

“If we really want to pay honor and tribute to the memory of those 703 police officers who have given their lives, we will suck it in, do the right thing, and pass laws that would give our police officers out on the street, protecting us every day, the maximum amount of protection we can.”

I don’t expect much out of the city politicians, but I would have expected the governor to show some class and not jump on the bandwagon of exploiting this for political gain.  Also more “Kill a cop, we’ll blame something other than the criminal.”, and this time from our governor.

11 thoughts on “Ed Rendell Also Shameless”

  1. And yet when Fast Eddie had the opportunity, he declined to really support the police by frying Mumia.

  2. I just read a few news reports which said the robber used an SKS. Which wasn’t covered by the expired AWB. Which, in turn, means Rendell (and Nutter) are lying or clueless, no?

  3. I don’t know if Rendell knows, but the police aren’t “out there every day” to protect us, nor do they have a constitutional duty to do so, as was ruled by SCOTUS a few years ago. What’s more, the police carry guns to protect themselves. What gives the police more rights to protect themselves than law-abiding citizens wanting to do the same?

  4. Whew! After years of explotation of “assault weapons mania,” the anti-freedom collectivist gun grabbers have finally convinced the thugs of Philly to actually use one of the darn things in a crime. Quite a victory.

    And why would anyone be surprised that that other Philly thug, Rendell, would do his victory lap in the poor officer’s blood and right on over the dignity of his family.

    Along with being an un-abashed crook, “Fast Eddie” is a pathetic example of man-hood. He wouldn’t recognize dignity if it ran over HIM.

  5. So, to give our police the best protection possible, we are going to pass ineffective laws that had documentably insignificant effects on crimes and were (and still are, in Kalifornistan) easily avoidable by someone with a working knowledge of firearms, tools, and the legislation.

    Yeah, that makes sense.

    I wonder if politicians such as this schmuck understand just how despicable their blood-dancing is… Sadly, emotion rules these days, and they are becoming masters at wielding it.

  6. I am still interested in more details about this:

    The governor acknowledged that the gun that killed Liczbinski was brought into the country “well before that action,”

  7. It’s a Chinese SKS. Those haven’t been imported for a while. My guess is, like most crime guns, it’s been on the streets for a while.

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