We Elected This Guy?

I continue to not believe we elected this guy Governor of Pennsylvania.  I blame suburban voters who think he was a great Mayor of Philadelphia, so he’d surely make a great governor!  He was a lucky mayor of Philadelphia.  The city, like most other cities, benefited from the .com boom and the nationwide drop in crime in the 90s.  But it benefitted to a lesser degree than most other cities, and when the boom turned to bust, Philadelphia’s problems, which Rendell didn’t really fix, came roaring right back, falling on the feet of a corrupt and ineffectual John Street.  Now it’s Mike Nutter’s mess, and while I think he’ll certainly be less corrupt than John Street, the jury’s still out on the ineffectual part.

Hat tip to David Bernstein

One thought on “We Elected This Guy?”

  1. “I blame suburban voters” — That’s ok, out here in the forgotten part of the state, we blame everyone east of the Allehenies

    Out least out here we voted for a real supporter of the 2nd Amend (who also happened to be of color) during the last PA election

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