At the Show

Bitter and I are at the show working our table on behalf of pro-gun candidates in Bucks County and also here in Lehigh County since PA-15 doesn’t have an EVC.  I already ran into two readers!  Check out our table spread:

Gun Show Table
Gun Show Table

It’s actually fairly dangerous for me to be in a gun show for an entire day with Bitter available to hold down the table while I wander. The haul, so far:

  1. Two packages of beef jerky. Hot and Spicy, and Sweet.
  2. One 1lb bottle of Unique powder, and one 1lb bottle of Varget
  3. One box of Corbon .380 ACP.
  4. One Kel-Tec P3AT to shoot the .380 ACP ammunition.
  5. One leather pocket holster for Kel-Tec P3AT.
  6. And I’m thinking I need a GI sling for the M1.

It’s a good thing this is our last gun show before the election, because I’m going to go broke otherwise. And there’s still tomorrow to get through!  The outreach is going well, though.  We’ve talked to a lot of people, and have a few more volunteers for our list.  I didn’t get the O-Match thing working due to touch screen issues, and the need to sleep, but we have the screen looping the NRA videos with stills of endorsed candidates to vote for.  It has helped grab a few people so we can reel them in.

7 thoughts on “At the Show”

  1. Be prepared for Corbon + P3AT = ow, no matter how good your grip is.

    I unfortunately know this from personal experience.

    Of course Chris loves it, but he’s also built like a gorilla.

  2. I use Spanish flat-nosed sub-gun ammo in mine. It’s got a nice snap to it also.

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