A black man gets murdered shot with an firearm airgun while wearing an Obama t-shirt.  In London.  I thought only the USA had racist gun toting assholes in it.

UPDATE: I really either need to take time to carefully read stuff, or take a break from blogging while I’m doing election related stuff in the evenings.  Sorry about the inaccurate description here.

5 thoughts on “Unpossible”

  1. The ominous “gas-powered ball-bearing pistol” scourge must be stopped!

  2. Did anyone catch this whopper?

    “The potentially lethal weapons are often converted by criminals to fire real bullets, and can be bought easily in high-street shops and on websites.”


    Sure, just like semiautos are “easily” converted to full-auto…at least in journalists’ imaginations, so why not BBs to bullet conversion. Next they’ll say AirSoft pistols can be readily converted, too.

    An air pistol operating on compressed CO2 lacks, um, a firing pin. And aren’t most air pistols .177 cal or .22 cal at most? Why would you bother to convert one in such a puny caliber when a criminal could more easily acquire a real gun on the black market in the UK?

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