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Looks like Google locked a bunch of blogs reportedly for being spam blogs.  I think if you enjoy blogging, and you’re good at it, it’s very much worth the investment to get your own domain, and get some hosting.  It helps with your google-fu too, because Google ranks people higher if they have their own domain, where gets reduced google-fu.

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  1. That said, your own domain and hosting is not without its heartaches as well. But, by the same token, it can be a lot more fun, and, if nothing else, it gave me more than enough space somewhere away from my house to back up all of my important files…

  2. I really wish I hadn’t set up Gun Nuts: TNG on blogger.

    Oh well. At least I own the domain so I can go wherever I want.

  3. I used to host my own domain using Moveable Type but I got tired of keeping up with security updates, etc. I moved it to blogger to let them hassle with it and mapped my domain name.

    I think given this I wouldn’t recommend blogger any more. They need to make good on this and prevent malicious denials of service, which is what this sounds like.

  4. Linoge: I’ve owned a domain 1999 (and own several other, younger ones), and hosted with a variety of different companies. The number of issues I’ve had have been extremely minimal. Those issues that did occur were transient, and simply due to something breaking at the host, the site being down for a few minutes, and them fixing it.

    In short, the problems with owning a domain and hosting are hardly worth mentioning. Heck, even installing WordPress on my host (they don’t have a one-button installer — I need to do it by hand) was the work of a few minutes.

    Of course, the main reason I own my primary domain is for email…it’s great having an email be consistent and provider-independent over the years.

  5. The ISP-independent email thing is the main reason I own my own domain now – supposedly wordpress is set up on it; one of these days I should see if I can get it up and running

  6. When (if?) I ever start making money at this I might consider it, but the price is right with Blogger.

    And there are problems, but a bunch of folks jumped to when I was in the Cotillion, and that wasn’t problem-free. (Or the person who changed her hosting company and the DNS problems kept her off-line for about a month because her old company was “holding things up” – or trying to get her back?)

  7. While Blogger needs to clear up why they lock down valid blogs as spam, it does seem to be a one-time event once you have to live through it. I had been tagged as a spam blog about a year ago and once that had been cleared up I had not had any problems since.

    At the end of the day I guess it all depends on why you are blogging and what goal you have for your blog.

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