Dear Governor Rendell,

I would like you to explain why it took the death of four police officers before you thought it might be a good idea to review the practices of the Pennsylvania Parole Board?  The other officers that were killed weren’t murdered by Boy Scouts.  This has been a systemic problem, and it’s outrageous that only after Philadelphia has buried four officers you now feel the need to actually start looking at the problem.


A Very Angry Sebastian

5 Responses to “Dear Governor Rendell,”

  1. TangoSix says:

    Come on, Sebastian, any politician knows it’s easier to blame an inanimate object rather than your constituants.

  2. Mike w. says:

    Aren’t you supposed to be bitter Sebastian?

  3. Chuck B. says:

    Maybe Fast Eddie Rendell will now propose a “one parole a month” law for all of Pennsylvania.

    Wait, never mind. TangoSix is right – blaming the legal availability of politically incorrect and inanimate objects, i.e., firearms, is far, far easier.

  4. TangoSix says:

    You’ve got to remember that it was a Democrat movement to re-enfranchise convicted felons whose civil rights had been wholly or partially suspended. That way they can vote prisons as well as cemeteries. God forbid actually holding people responsible for their crimes.

    Chuck B., “political correctness” is a symantics game where those who consider themselves politically correct get to make the definitions. Remember years ago when Josh Sugarmann of the Violence Policy Center even announced his intention to demonize certain semi-automatic weapons, and thus was born the “fearfully powerful ‘assault rifle’?”

    You could see the same process at work when TV newsreaders never failto identify a weapon in one of their crime stories as . . . “semi-automatic.”

    The latest buzz phrase seems to be “gun violence,” as if it were worse than other kinds of violence. Hell – Oh! Does anyone see ridiculousness here?

    I reminds me of an episode of the TV program “All In The Family” (for those of us old enough to remember the 1970s) where Archie Bunker’s Daughter, Gloria, was railing about “the large number of people killed each year by guns.” And Archie responds with, “Well, would it make you feel any better, little girl, if dey was bein’ t’rowed outa windows?”

  5. Navy Vet from Jersey says:


    I am quite familiar with that classic retort line on guns from Archie Bunker, and the first time I ever saw him saying it wasn’t even in the 1970’s – it was in more recent years on one of those basic cable TV networks that show reruns of old shows. Perhaps Nick at Nite or TV Land? I forget, but that line nevertheless is simply timeless, and just as relevant today as it was 30-some years ago.