Mayor for Life

Bloomberg is seeking a third term, hoping to overturn the city’s term limits laws.

5 Responses to “Mayor for Life”

  1. ATL says:

    Well if NY’ers are stupid enough to vote for this anti-freedom douche bag for two terms, why not give him a third? Here’s to liberals; they get the government they deserve!

  2. Mad Saint Jack says:

    The tree of…..Never mind.

  3. Jim W says:

    He couldn’t be any worse than Ed Koch and we had that socialistic asshole for way more than 2 terms.

    The term limits were actually enacted in response to Mayor Dinkins, who was widely perceived as being even worse than Koch*. Giuliani beat him anyway the next year and he ended up being the first Mayor to suffer under the term limits.

    *black mayor. Black troublemakers throughout the city took his election as an encouragement to misbehave. There were riots including a pogrom in a jewish neighborhood in brooklyn. Jews began voting Republican after that.

  4. chrisb says:

    Meh, keep him in NYFC, so the rest of us don’t have to suffer.

  5. No Apology says:

    As a former New Yorker, I just ask myself one question: have any of the NYC mayors, including Bloomberg, over the last 40 years done anything to improve the educational system? Answer: NO. It’s in shambles, has been since I can remember.

    Throw the bum out like all the others. Let him go make some more money so he can compete with socialist George Soros for the Worst Person On Earth.