Valley Forge Gun Show

We had a good deal of success at the Valley Forge Gun Show handing out literature, bumper stickers, and talking to folks.  For the first half of the show, we worked the NRA Volunteer Table.  We managed to get a few names of people for various other EVCs, but no one from my own district, sadly.  Hopefully we’ll have better luck in Allentown.

One thing about the Valley Forge Gun Show — don’t eat the hot dogs.  I had one around noon, along with some relish whose color I can only describe as glow in the dark green.  After that we went to man the Montgomery County GOP Victory table, where I started feeling progressively worse, wondering if maybe someone poisoned the relish with polonium, perhaps explaining the unnatural green color.  A few antacids when I got home was enough to calm my stomach, but I felt bad that we had to leave early due to the radioactive relish.  We were handing out a lot of McCain stuff.  Everyone wanted McCain/Palin stuff, but those items are in short supply.  I think Palin has literally changed everything for McCain.  Evidence is gun owners are now on board with him, and are motivated for him.  I suspect this will have influence on the NRA when it comes to endorsements.  It should.

We’ve gotten some ideas to use for the next show, which will be Allentown.  My friend Jason has agreed to lend us an LCD touch display so we can try to set up the O-Match Obama applet that PVF created in order to attract people to the table.  I also had the idea of using Digital Picture Frames to display NRA material, and also help attract people to the table.  Granted, there’s a lot of choir preaching going on at these things, but getting the material and bumper stickers out there is worthwhile, just for the buzz factor.  And every once in a while you sign someone up for your volunteer list.

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  1. I have an inviolable policy when it comes to unnaturally colored food: Don’t.

    Speaking of unnaturally colored, everybody here is in gold and black today, and the neighbors have a big KILL THE EAGLES! sign up in their yard. Yesterday, of course, everybody had their whiskers painted on.