The Pit Bull

Rendell is already starting with the charade.

An angry Rendell, clenching his teeth and pounding the lectern so hard it rocked, on Friday implored lawmakers to take guns out of the hands of thugs to protect citizens and police. The governor’s passionate outburst came on the heels of the murder of Philadelphia Officer Chuck Cassidy.

“How much will it take? What does the toll have to be before we do anything?” Rendell said during a news conference. He noted that two more Philadelphia police officers had been wounded by gunmen since Nov. 9, the date he proposed a mandatory 20-year sentence for shooting at a police officer.

“We have a problem,” Rendell said, pausing. “Houston, we have a problem.”

We do have a problem.  I can think of two big ones off the top of my head, here, and here.  And that’s just scratching the surface of the problem.  Gun control is the ultimate cop out for Philadelphia politicians.  As long as they can beat that drum, they don’t have to be effective.

One thought on “The Pit Bull”

  1. And an anti-gun group did a “poll” in 6 districts and, surprise surprise, they say the public supports gun control. Which districts would they be? What questions were asked?

    I’m sure the answers won’t be forthcoming.

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