Bloggers I’ve Met, So Far

I’m trying to think of how many bloggers I’ve met so far.  In order of appearance, as best I can recall:

  1. Bitter Bitch of The Bitch Girls
  2. Cam  Edwards
  3. Bitchy Mom of The Bitch Girls
  4. SayUncle
  5. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit
  6. Helen Smith of Dr. Helen
  7. Sebastian of Pro-Gun Progressive
  8. David Hardy of Arms and the Law
  9. Michael Bane
  10. Denise of The Ten Ring
  11. Sam of The Ten Ring
  12. David Kopel of The Volokh Conspiracy
  13. Countertop of Countertop Chronicles
  14. Rightwingprof of Right Wing Nation
  15. Wyatt Earp of Support Your Local Gunfighter

Fifteen so far, and they’ve all been pretty cool.  I’ll be meeting a lot more of you at the Gun Blogger’s Rendezvous in October.

5 thoughts on “Bloggers I’ve Met, So Far”

  1. Ya know, that’d make a great blog-viral-whatever-meme-thing… since most of us in the blogging community count how many names we have in our blogrole, rather than who we’ve had a chat with face-to-face.

  2. And there’s Greg, the only other blogger I’ve ever met FTF. ;)

    Wish the get together was here in Sunny Florida. I mean, we’ve got Disney for Pete’s sake – The whole family could come!

  3. Face to face is where it is at. You can get a real feel for a person by looking them in the eyes!

    Do you have any details on the Gun Blogger’s Rendezvous? There is a group of outdoor writers trying to put together an Outdoor Bloggers Summit –

    I think any information about similar blogger get togethers would be really helpful to the planning.

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