NRA Arming Children

The horror! The NRA is encouraging children to use guns. Not only that, they are training them to be highly effective snipers. Clearly the gun pushing lobby has gone too far this time:

Soon-to-be Marysville High School senior Katie Bush is making the most of her time off from school this summer.

Bush is in Port Clinton, Ohio, competing in the 100th anniversary competition of the National Rifle and Pistol Championships.

The championships began July 18 and will run through the weekend. Up to 6,000 competitors were expected.”This is a big competition,” Bush said. “I’m usually in the middle of the pack, but it’s pretty tough competition here.”

Bush is competing in the Camp Perry Smallbore 3-Position competition.

This is the second year Bush has made the trip to the national championships.

I’ll bet she’s even learned safe gun handling practice too! The treachery of the NRA knows no bounds! The students at Marysville High School had better watch out, because clearly she will snap any minute and shoot you, very precisely.

In all seriousness, we wish Miss Bush the best of luck.  Maybe we can convince her to take part in one of Mr. Completely’s e-postal matches.   Of course, then we’d all get beat by a sixteen year old girl :)

One thought on “NRA Arming Children”

  1. “Of course, then we’d all get beat by a sixteen year old girl :)”

    Next thing you know you will be accused of sex crimes by the anti-gunners. Perhaps you should have said we will have been outshot by a 16 year old girl. :)

    Seriously in La. just south of me in Caddo Parish the sheriff’s department holds two camps a year to teach kids to shoot with all the attendant responsibilities and safety procedures. Their classes are always full.

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