Going High-Tech for Gun Show Outreach

One thing I want to do for the Allentown show this weekend is make our table look attractive, to entice people to come over and talk with us.  The typical literature isn’t very interesting or eye catching, especially when you’re in a room with wall-to-wall guns.

In the mail is a digital picture frame, which I will use on the table to play video.  I’m planning on running the NRA Katrina video on that, with some literature placed near it.  In the other corner of the table, I’m going to borrow a Shuttle PC from my friend Jason, along with an LCD touch screen.  My idea was to put up NRA’s O-Match application up full screen and let people use it.  I figured kids especially may be drawn in, giving us an opportunity to talk to the parents.  Can you say “Barack Obama is a free speech stifling, gun banning weasel?  I knew you could.”  This should be something different, and we’ll see how this experiment goes.  I might lose my faith in humanity if I discover that cats and humans have more in common than I once thought, but if I get some more people at my table, and on my e-mail list, I’ll be happy.

2 Responses to “Going High-Tech for Gun Show Outreach”

  1. UNHchabo says:

    That sounds like an excellent idea. Flashy things usually draw people in, it’s the nature of our physiology.

  2. N.U.G.U.N. says:

    I am busy pretty much all of October … thankfully, mostly for good things like two NRA training course (Basic Pistol/Home), and Unified Underground (think church retreat for punks and goths –

    That said, I wanted to offer some resources on an “as available basis” for events in the greater York/Lancaster area. I have own a small DJ service, two PA systems (one small and one medium size), some lighting, and a 6×10 box trailer. So if you’re ever planning to put on a “Pennsylvania East Gun Rights Policy Conference”…feel free to get in touch with me.

    – N.U.G.U.N.