Orwell would be proud

So, let me get this straight. Even though the House has no parliamentary procedure to allow members to stop the work of the House, it’s all good that a tithe of Representatives are doing so. But in the Senate, where there is a specific parliamentary procedure to allow members to stop the work, it’s not legitimate for members of the majority to block the work of the Senate.

Just checking.

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House Dems Stage Sit-In for Gun Control

There is no provision in the House where members can hold the floor (in this case literally), so these 30 members of the House are out of order. The sit-in would seem to be lead by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA).

The Stupid, It Burns

Apparently Sig Sauer is a shady company because Nazis. That is, if you’re a know-nothing writer for Slate. Some of the crap the left believes about NRA, the gun industry, and gun industry profits would fit squarely into tin-foil hat territory if it were coming from the right:

My colleague Rachael Larimore recently noted that the media’s reportage on firearms is often shallow and sloppy. I agree.

The author then goes on to finish an article that is both shallow and sloppy. Given that the Secret Service use Sig pistols, Kevin won the Internets with this one:


Bob Owens of Bearing Arms has more about this stupidity.

Expanding the Surveillance State

Republicans do love themselves some law and order. The reason I am worried about this one is that both parties covet their secret lists and neither cares all that much for civil liberties. Plus, American Populism is on the rise again, and that particular school of thought has always favored law and order over civil rights.

Whether we want to admit it or not, Trump’s instincts on this have a home. There’s plenty of people out there if you said, “Well, what if someone proposed a law that no one on the terrorist watch list could attend mosque?,” wouldn’t see any problem there. But I will say that at least the populists are consistent.

Arrests Made Outside of NRA HQ Protest

Code Pink and a few other groups apparently decided to sleep outside of NRA Headquarters to protest for a ban on assault weapons. Things were going fine until the next morning they whipped out red paint. They were charged with loitering on the public highway. I can’t tell if the issue was the red paint, or they were blocking the road. In the pictures, I don’t see any red paint on the road.

New “Bipartisan” Bill Introduced To Ban Those on No-Fly List

Guilty until proven innocent is what this is, and if this were introduced as a bill to prevent people on these lists from publishing, attending mosque, or using social media, there would be outrage, and justifiably so. The people behind this affront to constitutional liberties:

  • Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND). So much for her holding firm.
  • Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)
  • Martin Heinrich (D-NM)
  • Jeff Flake (R-AZ) WTF? He must love himself some “law and order” and secret lists. This is the kind of stab in the back I’d expect from McCain!
  • Tim Kaine (D-VA)
  • Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Dude is an AR-15 shooter. For real. He also must love himself some secret lists and “law and order.”
  • Angus King (I-ME).

The no-fly list itself ought to be viewed as an unconstitutional infringement on the right to travel. This bill doesn’t have a number yet, but get ready to call your lawmakers and demand they vote no. There’s enough leftist groups uncomfortable with this crap that they have no excuse to vote yes.

Note now there’s an assumption that “if you can’t board a plane in this country, you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun,” as if it’s perfectly accepted that the government can keep secret lists of people that interfere with the right to travel. See how they did that?

Note Pat Toomey isn’t on this list. Must be an election year, or his bill is coming soon.

UPDATE: Toomey has announced he’s supporting this bill.

Illegal Immigrant Attempts To Kill Trump

Probably not the nationality you’d expect though. Several reports say he attempted to grab a police officer’s handgun that was not secured, but initial reports are often full of unsubstantiated details.

OF course, this was a nominally gun-free zone, and the guy’s plan relied on the fact that it was being enforced by people with guns…

(My local media are playing up the fact that the attempted shooter was a resident of Hoboken for a while. Why that has any relevance, I’m not sure).

Not the Last We’ve Seen of Gun Control – More Coming This Week

If you haven’t called already, it’s not too late. I’m told that yesterday’s amendments offered are not the last we’ll see of gun control in the Senate, and that more votes are very likely this week. Keep the pressure on.

Gun Control Measures Fail

I am quite pleased to report that all four proposed gun control amendments (to an appropriations bill) have failed:

  • Chuck Grassley (R-IA) floated an amendment that would sweeten the pot yet again for states to report records to NICS. It failed 53-47, needing 60 votes to invoke cloture and pass. This was largely a party line vote, with only Kirk and Gardener voting “no,” and with Donnelly voting “yes.”
  • Diane Feinsten’s (D-CA) Amendment to prohibit suspected terrorists from possessing firearms failed outright 47-53. Kelly Ayotte, was the only Republican to cross the aisle and vote “yes.” Toomey was a “no.” Heitkamp was the only Dem to cross and vote “no.”
  • John Cornyn’s (R-TX) Amendment, which would have delayed purchase 72 hours to give the FBI a chance to act also failed 53-47. Jeff Flake crossed the isle to vote “no.” with the Democrats. Voting yes with the Republicans were Donnelly (D-IN) and Manchin (D-WV). I’m not going to hold it against anyone for voting “no” on this, but now we have the Dems on record as rejecting any compromise solution.
  • Chris Murphy (D-CT) proposed an amendment that would ban private transfers. It failed outright 44-56, party line. Kirk (R-IL) crossed to vote “yes” with the Dems. Heitkamp (D-ND), Tester (D-MT), and Manchin (D-WV) crossed the aisle to vote “no” with the Republicans.

Pat yourselves on the back, even if your name is Pat Toomey. He voted with us where I expected he’d vote against us. Must be an election year! Bloomberg is going to be one sad panda.

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