Time to Pressure Pat Toomey

Pat Toomey

The antis are putting the pressure on Senator Toomey to embrace the terror watch list bill, or face ads saying the Senator supports arming terrorists. Be sure to call Pat Toomey’s office and persuade him. Tell him you have no compunctions about leaving him off your ballot in November if he turns. Say this even if you plan already to not vote for him because of his past sins. I believe in redemption if he rediscovers where his interest lie.

“Pat Toomey has worked to allow suspected terrorists to buy guns in this country and that is just an outrageous position,” McGinty, challenging Toomey in one of the country’s most critical Senate races, said in a telephone interview. “Of all the kind of tough issues, this one should not be a tough call.”

Unless you don’t believe people should be stripped of fundamental constitutional rights because of being put on a secret government list, where only the FBI knows the criteria to get on, and there is no process for getting off. I appreciate it if Senator Toomey would stand up for due process of law and for the Heller and McDonald decisions. This gets to the fundamental core of how we treat fundamental constitutional rights. Toomey can’t turn on this issue and still claim to believe in the Second Amendment. I know civil liberties are currently out of style with the American left, but someone has to stand up for them.

3 thoughts on “Time to Pressure Pat Toomey”

  1. Pressuring him has done nothing. What needs to be done is to fire the state GOP leadership who have repeatedly propped up flip floppers to blatantly anti gun politicians holding office under the GOP name. They have done a pitiful job at enforcing 2A rights here or, at worst, collaborate with the other side.

  2. We need to remind people that the government isn’t even allowed to watch those on the watchlist because there is this pesky fourth amendment which requires judicial sign off if the government wants to put surveylence or a wiretap on one of these suspects. They always want to treat guns different.

  3. Toomey can’t turn on this issue and still claim to believe in the Bill of Rights.

    FTFY. The “terror watchlist bill” is bigger than the Second Amendment. If they can strip gun rights without due process, then they can strip anything without due process, up to and including due process itself.

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