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… Gun control advocates: “We have to pass more gun control, like they have in California, to prevent the kind of tragedy that happened in California.”

This is Officially the Dumbest Things I’ve Read in a While

Look out, The Inquirer is op-eding! Seriously, this displays so much ignorance about guns and ammunition, it’s astounding. This is the kind of stuff I’d expect children to come up with. But this was vomited onto paper by an adult and put up as an op-ed by presumably adult editors:

Today, one can walk into a gun shop and purchase, for instance, a .22, .38, or .44-caliber handgun. Most firearms are built to accommodate one size round only. So here’s what would happen if the manufacture of today’s standard-size rounds were outlawed, and .23, .39 and .46-caliber rounds took their place: Eventually, gun owners would run out of the old ammo, and their weapons would become paperweights.

Oh my God. Seriously? I don’t even know where to begin. But I’ll hit a few points:

For most firearms, this would be a barrel change, and that’s about it. Criminals will have no trouble obtaining new barrels for old guns.

Ammunition can be manufactured in basements. At this point the only parts I order out for are primers and powder. I know someone who casts and polycoats bullets in his basement, with a machine that makes thousands at a time. This very very stupid proposal by a very very ignorant person isn’t going to change that. I have enough brass to keep shooting for a decade or more. And for new brass? Presumably the police and military aren’t going to be made to retool, so there will still be plenty, and you can’t regulate it. It would be more pointless than regulating pot, which at least smells bad.

Lastly, does it matter if someone gets shot with a .22 or a .23? Seriously. Grow up. Even after this law is passed, what have you accomplished? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Mexico has restrictions on ammunition similar to what this guy proposes, and Mexican cartels have no trouble obtaining restricted firearms and restricted ammunition, and a .38 Super will kill just as readily as a 9mm.

No Path for Bloomberg

Cam is right here. The Dem elites are getting the vapors that their preferred candidate is melting down, and they might be dealing with a left-populist candidate who’s not sympathetic to their bullshit. This will be a key thing to look for:

If Elizabeth Warren becomes the Democrats’ chosen candidate in 2020, don’t be surprised if Bloomberg and his gun control groups don’t spend a lot of money supporting her. Instead, I would expect tens of millions of dollars to flood into states around the country in a bid to reshape state legislatures along with the U.S. Senate and Congress.

Grassroots gun control supports shouldn’t have any issue with Liz Warren. If there isn’t much money for her from gun control supporters, it’s a strong indication of who is really calling the shots in the movement.

Headline of the Week

ANTI-GUN SENTIMENT SHRINKS DICK’S. In reference to this article. I’m actually really hoping Dick’s gets out of the gun business entirely, if only so I don’t have to listen to the fuddie duddies talk about getting this or that at Dick’s. Not everyone gets the message. They’ve been a problem for years. None of this shit is new. It’s just that the mask is off now.

Ed Stack on CBS Sunday Morning

Be sure to watch Ed Stack’s, CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, appearance on CBS Sunday Morning.

I love that he goes to the: “But if we do these things and it saves one life, don’t you think it’s worth it?” That’s such a vacuous argument, and after all these years I’m sick of hearing it. It’s a refuge of people who don’t really have an argument and instead want to resort to emotional blackmail.

John Richardson notes that CBS at least used the correct language.

Some Field & Stream Stores No Longer Dicks?

Dick’s Sporting Goods is selling 8 of its Field and Stream stores to Sportsman’s Warehouse. I’m going to assume those stores will be rebranded, since Dick’s isn’t selling all its stores to the company. There’s speculation that Dick’s will exit the hunting and gun market entirely. I hope that’s the case, because they don’t deserve our money.

You’ll Have to Forgive Me …

but on this issue I agree with Michael Bloomberg.

Thanks, Irish Robert

Let’s be honest with ourselves: “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in,” was getting pretty worn. Said years and years ago by a now octogenarian who probably won’t be with us much longer. Gun owners of the future will probably be like “Diane who?” before too long.

But thanks to Bobby Frank, we have a new scare quote we’ll be able to get mileage out of for years and years. Can we now dispense with the gaslighting fiction that no one is after our guns? Should be pretty obvious by now what the real agenda is here. Irish Robert wants to take the most popular gun in America. He said it on live TV where everyone could hear it.

Sometimes honesty is refreshing.

More Preemption Fights

Philadelphia wants to be able to ban guns at city rec centers. How often have you guys had problems with people who are licensed? Which you need to be to carry a gun on the streets in Philadelphia.

Council president Darrell Clarke says after two mass shootings at city playgrounds in a month, they have to try.

LTCF holders, right? If not, you can file gun charges on top of murder already. What’s the purpose of restricting the law abiding LTC holders?

It’s almost as if this has absolutely nothing to do with combatting crime.

Satire or Not?

Is IMAO, so satire, but this is a non-satirical government solution if I ever saw one:

COLUMBIA, SC (AP) – At a town hall-style meeting in South Carolina, Pete Buttigieg promised to address the problem of mass shootings from a different angle by tasking the Department of Defense with creating “gun free zone” signs that are more effective at keeping guns out of the areas where they’re posted.

I recently saw something where a mother in New York City was demanding something be done because she had to go pick up her kid from school due to a mass shooting threat. Don’t the gun laws of New York City provide comfort? If they don’t, isn’t that an admission that you know gun laws don’t really work?

But you can’t reason with people. These days, I’m not sure reason even matters anymore. The algorithms have gotten so good at manipulating people’s emotions, that’s all that people know. I have relatives who have been driven to madness by the algorithms.

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