Road Rage Genocide

Eric takes the Inquirer to task for classifying a felonious violation of numerous state gun laws and laws against murder as a “road rage incident”.  Race is coming into the issue.   This could get ugly.

People might take this as a racially charged remark, but so be it: black males are shooting other black males on a daily friggin basis in the City of Philadelphia, and police are having a hard time getting anyone to come forward to finger who’s doing it, or cooperate in investigations.  A white guy shoots a black guy, and suddenly there’s outrage, and there must be justice.

Sorry, but if Philadelphia communities don’t start treating black-on-black violence in the city with the same energy and vigor as incidents like this, the body count will continue to increment.  Treating murder as a racial issue is the road to hell for the city.  Let’s not go farther down that road than we’re already going.