The Stupid, It Burns

Apparently Sig Sauer is a shady company because Nazis. That is, if you’re a know-nothing writer for Slate. Some of the crap the left believes about NRA, the gun industry, and gun industry profits would fit squarely into tin-foil hat territory if it were coming from the right:

My colleague Rachael Larimore recently noted that the media’s reportage on firearms is often shallow and sloppy. I agree.

The author then goes on to finish an article that is both shallow and sloppy. Given that the Secret Service use Sig pistols, Kevin won the Internets with this one:


Bob Owens of Bearing Arms has more about this stupidity.

2 thoughts on “The Stupid, It Burns”

  1. “Originally Swiss, partnered with a Kraut in the 70s to make pistols, American now … therefore NAZIS!”

    Sounds legit.

  2. Also, ugh – “it was not the NRA that produced the rifle that killed 49 people and injured 53 at Pulse, nor the NRA that continues to profit directly from the rifle’s sale to civilians. It was Sig Sauer.”

    So the idea he has is that if one guy buys one and kills people, they should permanently halt sale of the gun, I guess?

    Look, man, the idea of the deodand is super archaic and decrepit, but at least it only ever applied to the individual object, not others just like it.

    (Also, the NRA. Did I mention the NRA?

    THE NRA.)

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