House Dems Stage Sit-In for Gun Control

There is no provision in the House where members can hold the floor (in this case literally), so these 30 members of the House are out of order. The sit-in would seem to be lead by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA).

7 thoughts on “House Dems Stage Sit-In for Gun Control”

  1. Note the empty chairs. Is the House even in session when this is happening?

    If it does, I imagine the Sgt At Arms will be called upon to chivvy gently.

  2. Hopefully, Rep. Lewis and his friends won’t start looting and burning the place down, because if they do, the Ferguson effect will ensure that nothing is done to stop them, as it seems that nothing is being done now to stop what they’re currently doing.

  3. chain the $(%&#$)( doors shut and see how long before the grub runs out….

  4. Ironic, considering that Lewis himself was erroneously on the no fly list back around 2004.

    Of course he’s a big shot, so no worries for him. He got that little problem cleared right up.

    But the rest of us? The little people? No due process for us. We’re screwed.

  5. I’ll bet good money that when the cameras are off, those old, overweight and underexercised showoffs are sitting on comfortable chairs instead of the hard, cold floor. It’s all theater.

  6. What’s a gun ban to people who never have to carry their own gun? Our betters have people paid for by us to carry their guns for them. We’re nice to them like that, so what do they want to do to us? Ban our guns. Not very nice of them to do that to us, is it?

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