Orwell would be proud

So, let me get this straight. Even though the House has no parliamentary procedure to allow members to stop the work of the House, it’s all good that a tithe of Representatives are doing so. But in the Senate, where there is a specific parliamentary procedure to allow members to stop the work, it’s not legitimate for members of the majority to block the work of the Senate.

Just checking.

5 thoughts on “Orwell would be proud”

  1. The Democrats and their Press allies are really letting it all hang out this election cycle.

    I used to think that even the worst case scenario would be nothing more than a 3rd Obama term with gridlock at the Federal Level, with the executive power chewing around the edges. And the real danger would be at the state level.

    But now?

    Perhaps the Democrats really do intend to finally ignore all of the last restraints provided by the U.S. Constitution.

  2. If I understood what I heard earlier in the day, the bottom line in the House is, the Speaker can order them off the floor at any time. Let’s see if he does.

    1. The House leadership doesn’t care that much – an early summer recess lets them get home earlier to start campaigning. Which is why this is a stupid strategy; except for the optics of “they keep turning off the cameras!”

      1. Which they complain about for the cameras. In reality, it conveniently allows them to have lunch catered.

  3. I’m sure it made sense when the union was formed that the congress would create it’s own rules for how it goes about business. Some days I wonder how they ever got anything done.

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