Bob Barr Speaks the Truth

Bob Barr cuts through the rhetoric about Lautenberg’s civil rights destroying bill that would deny folks on the terror watch list their Second Amendment rights.  I’m glad he’s using his MSM soap box to get the truth out there.  I suspect even Americans who aren’t gun people would be more than a little disturbed about the idea of the government limiting constitutional rights based on secret lists.

2 thoughts on “Bob Barr Speaks the Truth”

  1. I think you’d be surprised to learn that a large number of people have no problem with secret lists these days. I think cause they voted for Obama, it’s ok. But not ok when Bush was in office.

    Scary to know people out there actually feel this way.

    One word: Doom.

  2. Of course, the converse is true as well. Secret lists were great when they kept Ted Kennedy and infants off of planes and Nelson Mandela out of the country, but now they’re a horrible thing.

    And for the record, they were an awful idea during the Bush Administration, they’re still awful during the Obama Administration, and they’ll be just as bad during the coming Facebook/Twitter Administration.

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