Illegal Immigrant Attempts To Kill Trump

Probably not the nationality you’d expect though. Several reports say he attempted to grab a police officer’s handgun that was not secured, but initial reports are often full of unsubstantiated details.

OF course, this was a nominally gun-free zone, and the guy’s plan relied on the fact that it was being enforced by people with guns…

(My local media are playing up the fact that the attempted shooter was a resident of Hoboken for a while. Why that has any relevance, I’m not sure).

9 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrant Attempts To Kill Trump”

  1. Well, they do say illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans don’t want to dirty their hands doing for themselves.

  2. “Police said he grabbed the handle of an officer’s gun.”

    Ever wonder why the media is ignorant about weapons.

  3. The Newtown shooter’s family lived in Hoboken. I don’t know if that’s what drew their attention.

    1. Hoboken is a wretched hive of Yuppies and lattes these days. The path was obvious when I was in college there 2 decades ago.

  4. Is anyone surprised considering that for months now the usual suspects have been condemning Trump as the next Hitler? I’ve been expecting an assassination attempt for some time. There will probably be others.

    But I am surprised how quickly this story has dropped off from the media radar. Guess that shows I still have some naiveté left to lose over the bias and mendacity of the press.

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