France Not a Developed Country?

Shannon Watts is such a horrible Public Relations person, I’m surprised Bloomberg was impressed with her. Everyone and their mother knows about the shootings in Paris and Belgium, unless they live in caves:

John Richardson points out:

The attack by Muslim terrorists at Le Bataclan in Paris which killed 130 and wounded hundreds more is off of Shannon’s radar because it doesn’t fit her gun control narrative. France, by the way, had very, very strict gun control laws as does Belgium where many of those terrorists obtained their weapons.

Terrorists are going to kill people. It is what they do …

Shannon was beating the drum for terror watch list legislation even before all the facts were in.

7 thoughts on “France Not a Developed Country?”

  1. And the administration isn’t taking it seriously either… ‘Terrorism’… NOT RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM, which is what it really is…

  2. Get ready for a hard push to close the “terror gap” as the antis lead the charge for a further degradation of due process via the watch list.

  3. People who are in the leftist groupthink believe their own lies, and act accordingly. In Shannon Watts’ mind, this doesn’t happen in any other developed country, even though it does. We are not dealing with rational people.

  4. Well she’s sort of correct, France is rapidly devolving downwards….

    1. Assessment from the ground: TRUE.

      And we’re trying go fend off a new round of hardcore gun control at the EU level (which would then trickle down to EU Member states).

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