Here We Go

The hysterical media is always going to find the one jackass in the crowd to point out and smear all gun owners everywhere with his stupidity.  This is New Hampshire.  I can promise you that he’s not the only person in the crowd who is legally carrying a firearm.  But they found the one who had a vaguely threatning poster to point out.  I’ll be the first to agree that people like this aren’t helping anything, and I don’t agree with his message, but this is America folks.  It’s a free country.   I know some people hate that, but it is.

6 Responses to “Here We Go”

  1. Mad Saint Jack says:

    Similar PSH at Crooks and Liars over someone’s gun falling out of there pocket (which is a party foul) at a town hall in AZ.

    There is vid from CNN of Dana Loesch, a St. Louis blogger.

    Typical news story, no info on charges or a permit, just OMG a gun!

  2. Linoge says:

    I certainly do not agree with the time or place, but it is not as though Jefferson did not have a point. Sometimes, politicians need to be reminded that the serve at our pleasure, not command at their whim.

    Am I saying that any politician who might even possibly be a tyrant should be whacked out of hand? Of course not. In fact, I am opposed to any violence that might be brought against our Glorious President. But it helps to remind politicians of the nature of their job.

    Sadly, this only provides cannon-fodder to the fellow idiots on the other side of the fence, but I guess that is life.

  3. Mad Saint Jack says:

    Dude on MSNBC.

    Chris Matthews 3:00 ” your carrying a God damn gun at a Presidential event”.

    Dude avoids lots of traps and sound almost uncrazy.


  4. Mad Saint Jack says:

    An earlier news cast.

    Dude is on private property at a church along the route.

    Not quite the same as being at the townhall.

    The PHS is kinda funny.

  5. Sebastian says:

    You know, for a guy who was holding up a bit of crazy for the crowd, he didn’t do too badly with Matthews. Matthews pretty clearly wanted foaming at the mouth, but what he got was libertarian geek.