Jackson to be Replaced on $20 Bill

I, for one, approve of replacing racist genocidal Democrats with gun toting Republican women! I have to admit that it’s Iowahawk’s Internets. He just allows us to dwell on it:

10 thoughts on “Jackson to be Replaced on $20 Bill”

    1. I like it!

      That image would get my vote, though first runner-up would be an image of Huey Newton pioneering the Open Carry Movement, back in the day.

  1. Iowa hawk makes me actually miss Twitter. Not enough to go back, but I sure miss his genius.

  2. I find it sadly ironic that Harriet Tubman could carry this pistol loaded in New York State without any permits necessary:


    But if I were to do the exact same thing today in the exact same state with the exact same pistol, I’d be committing a felony if I didn’t go through an onerous permitting process.

    For a single shot muzzleloading pistol.

    Oh, to be sure, I could *OWN* one identical to it without a pistol permit, as long as I didn’t have the powder, ball, and caps to load it.

  3. Cute interpretation, but it’s an identity politics, race/sex swap. White for black, male for female.
    Still, African-American women have an over 80% obesity rate, so one might chalk up Obama’s “Tubby Twenty” to his wicked sense of humor. Moochelle may not like it so much.

  4. I’m surprised that he made it this long. Anyone remember the Second Bank of the United States?

  5. Let’s be honest. Gun rights don’t stand a chance of surviving once this country becomes majority minority/democrat. This is just a representation of that change and is meant as a slap in the face to Jackson’s decedents and southern white males. Symbols are powerful, this change should not be supported by supporters of the original constitution.

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