Here it Comes

Pat Toomey

The Dems end their filibuster while the GOP agrees to hold a vote. We also have word that Pat Toomey is working with gun control groups again on “producing a bill that could pass Congress.” Hopefully this time, the good Senator won’t get hoodwinked by Chuck Schumer into gutting the FOPA safe travel provision.

Next time Toomey is up, it’ll be an off year, and his ass needs to get primary’d.

This better be one of those “we give up almost nothing and get something in return,” or “we have the votes to beat this and just want to get some more lawmakers on record.” If not the GOP majority in Congress is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

This is the time to start calling. No more gun control. Period.

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  1. My best chance is trying to influence Booker. And that’s a pretty low-odds chance. Dammit

  2. Next time Toomey is up, it’ll be an off year, and his ass needs to get primary’d.

    Hopefully he’ll lose in November. I’ll do my part. People on our side don’t try to craft gun control bills “that could pass Congress” with Bloomberg. This guy isn’t on our side.

    And aren’t the chances of getting anything through the House practically zero? What is this guy thinking? This will get zero Democrats to vote for him, but will lose a bunch of Republican votes. Maybe it gets him some campaign cash from Bloomberg to spend trying to win all the voters he’s pissing off.

    1. His opponent is a Dem puppet…..she will be far worse than Toomey . we need to think about Supreme court nominees. He is definitely the lesser of two evils.

  3. Not so sure that it is coming. Schumer and Feinstein have reportedly rejected Senator Cornyn’s proposal are too difficult and allows a process for removal. They appear to want to put anyone on the list and give them no effective path of it.

    And since Everytown and Bloomberg is working with Toomey, I am willing to bet their “compromise” on this proposal will be Schumer/Feinstein with some vague provision that gives the Attorney General or someone else vague responsibility to remove someone in practice that will never occur in fact.

    Until there is a bill, there can be no vote. I am counting on Toomey, Schumer and Feinstein to simple not be able to resist amending the bill with language to deny due process along with magazine and “assault weapon” bans. They can’t resist themselves. They want to use a tragedy to further their own agendas. They are not using logic. Thankfully.

    I think if a bill gets done up, it will die unless it is more-or-less the NRA version with “default proceed” and forcing the FBI to charge or clear the “terror watch flag prohibitor” in NICS within 72 hours. And since that is what the NRA is backing, I see the Democrats sending it down in flames on general principle.

    From the article:

    Separately Wednesday, the National Rifle Association reiterated its support for a bill from Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, that would let the government delay firearms sales to suspected terrorists for up to 72 hours. Prosecutors would have to persuade a judge to block the transaction permanently, a bar Democrats and gun control activists say is too high.

    Seems gun controllers and Democrats aren’t big fans of due process.

  4. Sigh. I thought this would blow over, but seems like the GOP leadership just loves to give in.

    Optimistically, they might know there isn’t enough votes for anything to pass, but it’ll stop the filibuster, and put themselves and the Democrats on record on what they support for the election. They can kill it in the Senate, the House if necessary, or even delay it till there isn’t enough time.

  5. Don’t be too harsh with the GOP leadership on this just yet. The majority of our citizens don’t know what ‘due process’ is and polls show 70% are OK with denying people on the terrorist watchlist a constitutional right without due process. They have to find a way to address this fact, convince the public they’re fighting hard to prevent future attacks like Orlando while not compromising our 2nd Amendment rights. This ain’t easy.

  6. Sebastian I believe you are dead wrong on Bloomberg and his strategy this time. They STILL do not get it. See what sticks? Terror watch list bill, UBC bill, and Feinstein on record as attempting another shot at an AWB.

    A resounding NO to one of the three from the ACLU and they still have to get through the house.

    The GOP leadership is smart and really had no choice but to let this roll through. Every minute of a filibuster is free air time to the antis. UBCs will fail and there is no consensus on how broad a terror watch list should go. The FBI director is on record as rejecting the idea, too.

    1. Yeah and let’s not even mention how many ARs are flying off the shelves now right as we were plateauing on gun sales. I have had someone in the last 12 hours ask for buying advice for his first AR even when an AWB has no support in congress.

  7. We mustn’t forget that our opponents also have problems. I’ve seen many antis exchanging high fives over Sen. Murphy’s ‘victorious’ filibuster. A good portion of them believe there are ZERO background checks on gun sales. They’ve swallowed the President’s BS that it is easier to buy a gun than to vote or buy a book. And, I bet most believe that in gunshot and Internet sales loophole. Can we take advantage of their ignorance by passing a ‘Closing the Gunshow Loophole’ bill that requires backchecks by FFLs at gun shows and requires outfits like Davidson’s and Lipseys to ship your gun to an FFL and not to your front door? Give them this in return for legislation nullifying the recent 9th Circuit decision on Peruta. (Reciprocity or nationwide ‘shall issue’)

  8. “Next time Toomey is up, it’ll be an off year, and his ass needs to get primary’d.”

    Yes, he needs to be punished, and he needs to know what he’s being punished for. But if he’s primary’d, you know what we’ll get? Someone who is a holy terror on abortion, and a Toomey clone when it comes to guns.

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