Arrests Made Outside of NRA HQ Protest

Code Pink and a few other groups apparently decided to sleep outside of NRA Headquarters to protest for a ban on assault weapons. Things were going fine until the next morning they whipped out red paint. They were charged with loitering on the public highway. I can’t tell if the issue was the red paint, or they were blocking the road. In the pictures, I don’t see any red paint on the road.

7 thoughts on “Arrests Made Outside of NRA HQ Protest”

  1. Now we get to see if they decide to escalate it to rioting and assault or if the threat of all those CCW’s present keeps them civil.

  2. They have nothing else to do since they can’t protest a democratic president for war crimes. They have to stay busy untill we elect another republican so they can start protesting the war again.

    1. Complaining about traffic is making small talk in NoVA – along the lines of talking about the weather.

    1. He moans enough about his regular commute; can you imagine how much he’d complain about having to drive through protesters?

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