Republicans Clamoring For Bill?

The Republicans are busy crafting an alternative bill, according to Politico:

One top Senate Republican aide called Grassley’s alternative bill “a break-the-glass kit” in case Reid does round up 60 votes.

Bloomberg is doing everything he can to round up 60 votes. Yesterday Joe Donnelley caved to Bloomberg pressure, showing his office is willing to be run from Gracie Mansion, rather than from voters in Indiana. Who else is going to cave? Clearly there’s some concern the Democrats can come up with 60. They actually can’t do it without some Republicans, but they are clearly looking for those.

5 thoughts on “Republicans Clamoring For Bill?”

  1. So now we see what Bloomberg’s Post-Mayoral Plans are. He wants to turn the Republic into NYC, and he’s doing so by attempting to BUY the Congress. And he has what, $25-30 BILLION Dollars to do so?

    This is not good.

    1. There’s a pretty good argument for Bloomberg spending as much as he wants — Meg Whitman spent $144M of her own money in addition to donors’ money in the California governor’s race and retread Jerry Brown still won with 54%. Voters aren’t nearly as oblivious as people make them out to be, and if Bloomberg were to dump billions into political races, there would be some hard backlash and candidates back pedaling and returning his money.

      1. And so far he’s only really spent the money in easy to win races. We’ll see what happens in harder to win races. Being a plutocrat won’t help him.

  2. Interesting, I just called Donnely’s office and his staffers claimed they didn’t know about his endorsment.

    So they’re either being mushroomed on a pretty big issue, they’re pretending that Donnely didn’t say what he did to callers, or MAIG is lying.

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