Road Raging Medieval Style

Apparently there was a road rage incident in Philadelphia, where the road raging driver threatened another motorist with a crossbow. Of course, normally I’d point out that you can find a lot of ways to harm others without using a firearm, but I’ve come to the conclusion that our opponents would have little issue restricting anything sharp, pointy, or that you could hurt yourself or others with. I don’t want to give them a new mission.

Hat Tip to the Outdoor Pressroom.

7 thoughts on “Road Raging Medieval Style”

  1. For those who don’t think our opponents won’t try to restrict sharp and pointy things, think again.

    It happened in North Carolina and did involve crossbows. A prohibited person bought a crossbox and then used it to murder his ex-wife. As a result, you had to get a pistol purchase permit from your local sheriff to buy a crossbow. The requirement was finally dropped in 2011.

  2. A decent crossbow is probably more lethal than most handguns and even some rifles. The wound channel they can produce is substantial.

    Of course, if I wanted to kill someone, my car is pretty good for that purpose, too. Let’s outlaw them while we’re at it.

    Remember, it’s the OBJECT that kills, it’s never the fault of the person wielding it. [that was sarcastic].

    So, let’s outlaw physics, gravity, chemistry, physiology and anatomy so we can all be immortal and never suffer injury or harm.

    1. What is this physics, gravity, chemistry, physiology and anatomy you speak of? This is clearly something manufactured by the gun lobby.

      1. @Sebastian:
        Yes, the listed items that can contribute to our mortality were all invented by the evil NRA. No one ever died before the invention of firearms. Remember that only “gun deaths” count in any calculation.

    1. @MAJ Mike:
      Ouch, I certainly would not volunteer to stand in front of that gun or a crossbow or a speeding car. I’m very fond of my habit of converting oxygen to carbon dioxide.

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