We’re the Hateful Ones?

You know, today I don’t have much room for hating on other people. I don’t think you can be human and stomach the thought of someone evil or deranged enough to look a kindergartner in the eye and pull the trigger, or sink a knife into them. I don’t think you can hear stories of kids stuck in a bathroom saying to a teacher they “don’t want to die, they just want Christmas,” and not be moved.

Yet apparently at least one person posting from a public library in Seattle has room for plenty of hate in my comments, and to wish us “HOLIDAYS in HELL!” This is exactly the kind of thing I was speaking of in my previous post.

3 thoughts on “We’re the Hateful Ones?”

  1. Had it been a threat from the Seattle library you should have called me. I work just a few blocks from there and could have checked it out.

  2. Wow. That rant is a disturbing read.

    Mental health problems don’t give a crap about political parties, class, race, gender, family, age… anything.

  3. You know it would have been hilarious – utterly inappropriate but hilarious – to have Joe walk into the library computer room and shout “OK, which of you is X, the person who just made an online threat to my friend in PA?”

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