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RedState is trying to paint Harry Reid as against Second Amendment rights, once again, by offering some pretty flimsy evidence. From what I can see, Reid employed a rule in order to lock out amendments on 9/11 extension bill from being offered. One of those bills was a Rand Paul Amendment that would have fixed access by FISA courts to 4473s.

It is not out of the question that Reid is getting softer on the gun issue, but I’d need more convincing evidence than this. To me this just looks like run of the mill partisan bickering, for which one of the amendments being tied up is Rand Paul’s. As far as I know there’s no Senate rule that allows exemptions to be made for singular amendments if you invoke a procedure that disallows amendments generally.

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  1. In this case who gives a rats ass if its pro-gun or not. He’s blocking amendments that start to tear down the abomination that is the PATRIOT Act.

  2. Here’s some bits of evidence:
    Voted to confirm a proven gun grabber, Eric Holder
    Voted to confirm someone who thinks the second amendment does not belong to the people: Sotomayor
    Voted to confirm someone who pushed Clinton to use executive orders to ban guns: Kagen

    That is more than enough for me to see. Harry does not represent NV, he is a bought and paid for party line operative.

  3. What’s more important is that he’s generall for extending the Patriot Act.

  4. I will post the same comment I did at Say Uncle:

    “Harry Reid is mostly good on gun rights.”

    Uhh….on what planet?

    * August 25, 1994—Voted to end a filibuster led by pro-gun Senators against the Clinton Crime Bill, which contained the ban on many semi-automatic firearms (the so-called “assualt weapons ban; Vote No. 294).

    * August 25, 1994—Voted for the Clinton Crime Bill, which contained the ban on many semi-automatic firearms (the so-called “assault weapons” ban; Vote No. 295).

    * June 27, 1996—Voted to destroy 176,000 M-1 Garand rifles from World War II, and 150 million rounds of .30 caliber ammunition, rather than giving them to the Federal Civilian Marksmanship program (Vote No. 178).

    * May 13, 1999—Voted to ban the importation of ammunition magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds (Vote No. 116).

    * February 2, 2000—Voted for an amendment offered by Sens. Carl Levin (D-MI) and Charles Schumer (D-NY) to help the cities bring frivolous suits against gun makers (Vote No. 4).

    Should I go on? That’s 2 minutes worth of this thing I call “Google.”

    Yeah, Harry Reid is “mostly good” on guns. You NRA apologists crack me up. Anything to excuse the fact that the NRA has backed this guy for years, right?

  5. *Voted against Jon Roberts for SCOTUS.
    *Voted against Samuel Alito for SCOTUS.
    *Voted for Sonya Sotomayor for SCOTUS.

    Yeah, this guy is great for Second Amendment rights. Can’t imagine why Red State would talk bad about him at all…

  6. I’ve documented extensively why Harry Reid is at least a B on this issue. Probably the seminal post can be found here, which compares Reid’s voting record with Kay Hutchinson’s.

  7. If you’re opposed to civilian ownership of those evil black rifles and think that the Supreme Court ruled wrongly in DC v Heller and McDonald v Chicago, then yes, Harry Reid is a solid “B.”

  8. Also, several of the exampled you showed there are from GOA, and are highly distorted. GOA enjoys taking advantage of the fact that people don’t know how the Senate works.

  9. What, exactly, is distorted about voting for the Assault Weapons ban? Either he did or did not. Are you saying he didn’t because I don’t have a vast understanding of the Senate and all its complexities?

    The same can be said for those other votes. I’m not sure how a Yay or Nay vote on a bill can be distorted…

    Also, how is giving money to a politician’s campaign not endorsing him? Everyone seems to want to ignore that fact when it comes to the NRA and Harry Reid last year…odd.

    Just once I would like to see an devout NRA follower to admit that the NRA screwed the pooch big time with Harry Reid for years. Just once.

  10. There are a lot of votes when you’re dealing with an Omnibus bill. Reid voting against the amendment which tacked on the assault weapons ban. He did vote for the final crime bill, but so did most of the Senate. Only four Senators voted against passage of the final bill. With an Omnibus bill, once you get an unfavorable amendment tacked on, it’s usually a done deal. No one wants to vote against those kinds of bills because the attack ads practically write themselves.

    I wrote how that happened here

  11. Just once I would like to see an devout NRA follower to admit that the NRA screwed the pooch big time with Harry Reid for years. Just once.

    We won’t admit it because the evidence is flimsy. His only bad recent votes were on Sotomayor and Kagan, and there were a lot of other Dems who have been otherwise with us that voted the same.

    The purpose of all this isn’t to make you feel good. It’s politics, and politics is a game. You topple Harry Reid without flipping the Senate in 2010, you deal with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, which would pretty much end any hope we had of getting anything through Congress for at least two more years.

  12. You don’t get to come into my sandbox, Brock, and shit all over the place. I’m in no mood to deal with bullshit today. I’ve redacted your previous comment.

  13. I’ve been dealing with Harry Reid since 1986, being from his state, and I can tell you that he is no friend of the Second Amendment. I know that GOA typically distorts things–example, I think it’s weird to give Jon Tester an “F.” However, I have personally seen Reid on CSPAN pushing the Clinton gun control agenda. He even spread the lie that semi-automatic weapons are machine guns. If Obama starts pushing gun control, Reid will strongarm it through the Senate. It makes as much sense for the NRA to endorse Obama as Reid.

  14. Reid’s position on guns proves the point that it’s about person, not party, and voters need to pay attention–changing a congressional district from D to R or the reverse often as not doesn’t change the number of RKBA opponents or supporters. Another great example was the recent Kaine/Allen senate race in VA, which despite a few differences between their views (like hunting on Sunday) was largely a win-win situation as far as gun rights went.

  15. I hope you meant to write Webb/Allen. Kaine is no friend of the Second Amendment.

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