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A Pew Poll rates the parties on issues, and look what party isn’t winning on “gun control.”


Well, well, it looks to me like gun control is a losing issue for the Democrats after all, just like I’ve been saying. This is the GOP’s biggest issue, meaning the one they are most trusted on by voters. When are the Democrats going to tell Barack Obama to get bent on the issue and have the courage to admit publicly gun control is a failure, and bad politics for Democrats. This strikes me as a bad time for Bernie Sanders to capitulate to the lunatic wing of his party on this issue.

CSGV Encouraging 911 Abuse to “SWAT” People Carrying

Bearing Arms lead the weekend news cycle with a story about the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership encouraging their followers to SWAT people who carry firearms and abuse the 911 system. This does not surprise me, given that CSGV are the rabid dogs of the anti-gun movement, and their followers are even more rabid. It’s interesting that one of their followers notes that the police department “laughed at me”, and CSGV encourages her to “call them again.”

They do realize that abusing 911 is a crime, do they not? In Pennsylvania it’s a third degree misdemeanor. They do realize that 911 is for emergencies, and not for political revenge against people they don’t like, do they not? Do they think tying up the resources of our first responders over something that is not a crime is really responsible behavior? They don’t care. They are zealots and extremists. They try to call us those things, but don’t let them get away with it.

Good News for Colorado Gun Owners

A new poll shows that Colorado voters oppose tougher gun laws. Opposition pushes to 70% for men, with women barely getting a majority of 51%. That’s still a pretty significant gender gap, but support is still dropping among women, it’s just dropping much faster among men. This is good news. The article does note that Hickenlooper enjoys a 51-40% approval rating, which is pretty good. But there is significant hope that is Colorado activists can get ahead of Dudley Brown, there’s a pretty good chance they can get the 15 round limit raised to 30 rounds, and then get rid of it if the legislature can become more favorable.

Derision of the “Good Guys With Guns”

I’ve been watching the story of the Marine and Navy Officer using personally owned side arms, carried against military regulation, to return fire against the active shooteer. I’ve been reluctant to report on it, because I would hate to find out later, like so much of what is reported in a mass shooting, that it wasn’t true. It’ll probably be a while before we really know. What has interested me in talking about this story is how often I’m seeing in comment sections of news articles about this story, variants of: “Well, so much for that ‘good guy with a gun’ myth the ammosexuals keep babbling to us about.”

Aside from being highly disrespectful to the fallen Marine’s service and sacrifice, no one ever argued that a gun is a guarantee that you’ll prevail over a bad guy every time. We know gunfights can be lost. We know that people die in war, despite having the ability to shoot back. This is a straw man argument, because no one on our side ever made it. The shooter in this case was indeed stopped by good guys with guns, when enough of them showed up to overwhelm him (presumably, we really don’t know much yet).

I’ve found myself saying this to anti-gun folks over and over again: “Can you please argue against what we actually believe, rather than the caricature you’ve constructed in your head about what we believe?” It would also be nice if they’d pay a little respect to the “good guys with a gun,” who if all this pans out, acted heroically in defense of their fellow soldiers and sailors, with one giving his life. I’m half expecting the gun control crowd to demand a court-martial of the naval officer for violating the regulations on carrying guns.

Moms Demand Claiming Fake Victories?

John Richardson notes that Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action has been claiming victories that probably aren’t. A lot of FFLs, especially big box retailers, have traditionally refused sales under default proceeds. We had talked about this even before Bloomberg’s people latched onto the issue, in the context of getting rid of POC states. I could totally see Watts calling up these outfits, which have never done default proceeds, and after confirming they didn’t, declare victory to her supporters. This is also likely part of the plan to energize her supporters to put pressure on Cabela’s, which apparently will do default proceeds. Hopefully Cabela’s is wise and smart enough to know who butters their bread, and it’s not Shannon Watts or any of her foaming-at-the-mouth supporters. They will no doubt remember gun owners nearly killing Smith & Wesson for conspiring with the enemy, and will be wise enough to completely ignore this Bloomberg funded non-issue.

The reason default proceeds exist, and need to exist, is because without them, all the a petulant Administration would have to do to shut down gun sales entirely is take the NICS system offline.

Weekly Gun News – Edition 8

Summers are usually kind of brutal for blogging, since the news cycle gets slow and people are focused on other things. But I probably have enough for a news link post.

NRA was making waves pretty quickly demanding an end to a ban on carrying defensive firearms for our military men and women. Everytown’s position on this issue is turning off even some pro-gun-control people I know.

Shannon Watts has never let a lack of facts get in the way of her propagandizing before, so I don’t know why she’d start now.

This is the particular lack of facts she was speaking over.

Baltimore anti-violence group caught with illegally acquired guns and drugs.

Dave Hardy has more on the “police loophole.”

Self-defense myths that just won’t die.

How’s that SAFE act working out for ya? Shootings are way up in Syracuse.

The DOJ is denying gun dealers were targeted by Operation Choke Point. I thought it was the FDIC that was the agency weaponized against gun dealers?

The struggle continues in Colorado. The recalls were wonderful at cooling the hells of gun control supporting politicians, but not getting Hickenlooper was a big problem.

Can I get an Amen?: “I’d mind my own fucking business. This world needs more of that.

I’ve been seeing the “40% of all guns sales…” lie going around in the media once again. We know from states who’ve listened to this BS that either there are very few private transfers occurring, or no one is complying with the law. Either way, the law is useless.

Chicago Tribune: Hillary should stay on the gun control bandwagon because the gun vote is already baked into the numbers.

Judge agrees California ban on gun store advertising violates the First Amendment, but won’t give an injunction.

The total failure of gun control captured in one photo.

Bradys Drop Suit Against Lucky Gunner

They had appealed the judgement against them originally, but now they are dropping the case entirely. I am very disappointed that the Brady Center has decided against donating more money to pro-Second Amendment causes, but I thank them for the $100,000 they are already pledged to donate. If the Brady Center had decided to just donate that money to the NRA directly, well, $100,000 isn’t enough to get you the gold jacket, but it would have been enough to get them into the Alexander Hamilton Society. As it is, with the way the voting is going, the Brady Center’s donor dollars will only get them as far as the Thomas Paine Society, and hell, even I rated for that one year.

Gun Clubs & The Press

Last week, I ventured out to West Virginia for a funeral and managed to stop by a couple of libraries between family gatherings to do a little bit of genealogy research for Sebastian. Needless to say, these aren’t the kinds of circumstances where I planned to think about the gun culture and media outreach.

While scanning microfilm for an obituary I knew existed somewhere, I found this article in the community news section of the March 18, 1899 edition of the St. Mary’s Oracle.

Gun Club Publicity 1899

Now, you might not really care about the winners of the clay bird shoot at the Mountain State Gun Club 116 years ago, but the local press did care because they were all locals. The same applies today.

Sometimes we focus on the national or statewide political fights while we ignore one of the best angles we can use in the media – the fact that people in our clubs are great representatives for our cause simply because neighbors, friends, and family know them and know that they won’t hurt people with their guns. Even better, the club members don’t have to talk to the press or do anything other than show up for activities they already enjoy.

The NBC national news won’t care about your club’s rifle shooters that managed to sweep the regional competition, but the local paper will care about it if you include names and towns. There’s one thing that will still move hard copies of newspapers, and that is mostly the fact that they will cover local stories with local people who have friends and family willing to read about them.

A volunteer with another group noted that regardless of what we might consider the news-worthiness of a story, if she includes the names and towns of the volunteers involved, it almost always gets picked up by more of the smaller community publications. Yes, they are even read by others, as I learned when congratulated for being elected to an office of the unrelated group by a Friends of the NRA volunteer. There’s no reason that we can’t do the same thing.

So I would say that if you’re part of a gun club, or even if you run a commercial gun range that hosts competitions, why not have a community/public relations type role that will put out a simple press release talking about who wins? If you include a picture of the winners, then the paper will be far more likely to run the news. It’s a great community outreach tool that we have been far too willing to ignore.

.45 ACP Luger

No, really.


Via TFB, who highlights some of the other delightful weirdness to be found there. When Germans go weird, they go weird.

Hardly Surprising: Everytown Favors Disarmed Military Personnel

Bloomberg’s mouthpiece tells about the dangers of our military personnel being armed. Every argument against military personnel being armed are the exact same arguments they used to fight concealed carry for civilians. None of those chicken little predictions have come to pass anywhere it’s been tried. If the military brass are so worried about their soldiers carrying, how about a compromise: any soldier who holds a concealed carry permit from any state is permitted to carry a firearm in federal facilities or military bases openly or concealed.

Bloomberg’s mouthpiece brings up the Posse Comitatus Act, but we’re not talking about arming soldiers to act as law enforcement, we’re talking about allowing them to be armed for their own protection and for the protection of those around them.

State governors are already starting to act, while the federal government is responding that recruiters should step up security by closing blinds. These days it’s really hard to tell the difference between real news and parody.

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