Weekly Gun News – Edition 8

Summers are usually kind of brutal for blogging, since the news cycle gets slow and people are focused on other things. But I probably have enough for a news link post.

NRA was making waves pretty quickly demanding an end to a ban on carrying defensive firearms for our military men and women. Everytown’s position on this issue is turning off even some pro-gun-control people I know.

Shannon Watts has never let a lack of facts get in the way of her propagandizing before, so I don’t know why she’d start now.

This is the particular lack of facts she was speaking over.

Baltimore anti-violence group caught with illegally acquired guns and drugs.

Dave Hardy has more on the “police loophole.”

Self-defense myths that just won’t die.

How’s that SAFE act working out for ya? Shootings are way up in Syracuse.

The DOJ is denying gun dealers were targeted by Operation Choke Point. I thought it was the FDIC that was the agency weaponized against gun dealers?

The struggle continues in Colorado. The recalls were wonderful at cooling the hells of gun control supporting politicians, but not getting Hickenlooper was a big problem.

Can I get an Amen?: “I’d mind my own fucking business. This world needs more of that.

I’ve been seeing the “40% of all guns sales…” lie going around in the media once again. We know from states who’ve listened to this BS that either there are very few private transfers occurring, or no one is complying with the law. Either way, the law is useless.

Chicago Tribune: Hillary should stay on the gun control bandwagon because the gun vote is already baked into the numbers.

Judge agrees California ban on gun store advertising violates the First Amendment, but won’t give an injunction.

The total failure of gun control captured in one photo.

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