Bradys Drop Suit Against Lucky Gunner

They had appealed the judgement against them originally, but now they are dropping the case entirely. I am very disappointed that the Brady Center has decided against donating more money to pro-Second Amendment causes, but I thank them for the $100,000 they are already pledged to donate. If the Brady Center had decided to just donate that money to the NRA directly, well, $100,000 isn’t enough to get you the gold jacket, but it would have been enough to get them into the Alexander Hamilton Society. As it is, with the way the voting is going, the Brady Center’s donor dollars will only get them as far as the Thomas Paine Society, and hell, even I rated for that one year.

3 Responses to “Bradys Drop Suit Against Lucky Gunner”

  1. dwb says:

    Honestly, if I were the NRA, I’d award them something anyway. Here’s an idea:

    I hear Maryland has some useless 300k spent brass cases to dispose of soon (repeal of the useless shell casing law). Melt some down into a trophy in the shape of a gun tool.

    … and Award Brady the “Complete Gun Tool Award” for being complete tools.


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