Positive Coverage of Clubs in the News

One in Texas, which might be perhaps the oldest shooting club in the United States, and one in update New York.  Both are smallbore/airgun clubs, but hey, you can have a good time with both.  The Texas Club, New Braunfels Schuetzen Verein, has been in existence since 1849.  If they are indeed the oldest club, it’s interesting to ponder what effect immigration played in the 19th century in transforming the shooting culture, particularly in bringing European style shooting clubs to the United States.

It will be interesting to see the effect heavy Russian immigration has on the shooting culture here in the Philadelphia area, which has developed a very significant community of Russian and Eastern European shooters, both men and women.  I haven’t noticed them too much in the area club culture, but at the public ranges, Russian is a common language on the range in this area.

One thought on “Positive Coverage of Clubs in the News”

  1. I was shooting at Targetmaster in Chadds Ford, PA one day about two years ago, and there were two Russian guys and a Russian girl in the lane next to me. They looked like they were all in their 20’s and having a good time with their personally-owned, bolt-action, and scoped .22 rifle.

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