George Washington Masonic Memorial

Bitter and I visited the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria today. Sadly, it was raining when we got to the top of the tower, which spoiled the rest of the view. They have a lot of interesting George Washington artifacts there.

I do have to say, no offense to anyone who is a Freemason, but Masonry is really friggin weird. I mean, before I kind of had that feeling, but after having it explained by the tour guide, it didn’t make it any less weird.

“To encourage member’s moral development, we reach back to the traditions of the stone masons who built medieval cathedrals, and use their tools as metaphors and symbols.”

Or something along those lines. Maybe I’m not understanding something here, but when I think “moral development” I’m pretty sure that medieval cathedral builders don’t even make the top 100 list.

“Kings Solomon’s temple plays an important role in masonic imagery as well.”

Color me confused. Couldn’t you guys come up with a less weird excuse to wear aprons and get away from your wives? Maybe a bowling league?

4 thoughts on “George Washington Masonic Memorial”

  1. I think they descend from the guild system which regulated people’s behavior (mostly to prevent rip-off artists giving them a bad name).

  2. One thing I thought was cool about the masons was that after constructing an arch doorway, the mason in charge of the project was required to stand under it while the scaffolding was taken down. What a way to prevent repeat failures.

  3. My favorite rule of the masons is the no discussion of religion or politics inside the Masonic Hall, this those issues tend to be divisive. A bunch of guys, sitting in a room, hanging out. What are they going to talk about?


    In other words, it’s a 500 year old version of a TKE house.

  4. Oh it’s cold roast duck
    that makes me want a sandwich?
    in the halls of TKE

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