Weekly Gun News – Edition 9

I don’t know about you, but days where the mercury tops 90 degrees, well, screw those days. This Friday, we have the annual company outing to Hershey Park, where highs are predicted to be in the mid-90s, with a heaping dose of humidity. I have no plans to visit the water park, but you won’t be able to tell, because I’ll either be covered in sweat, passed out, or both. I’m thinking I’ll be playing a lot of Skee Ball in the air conditioned arcade, and watching the sea lion shows. But enough about the weather, here’s some gun news:

Miguel on CSGV’s protest at the White House: “I have seen bigger crowds at hot dog stands.

Does MAIG even still exist? I thought Bloomberg deep-sixed MAIG because too many of its members were getting indicted?

Bernie Sanders is under pressure to cave completely on guns. If you look at polling, this would be a bad idea. Even though a majority of Democrats like them some gun control, it’s not an important issue, while about 20% of Democrats own guns, according to polling. The real number is probably a lot higher.

Los Angeles has banned “large capacity” magazines outright. Unfortunately the 9th Circuit already endorsed this.

I have to agree with Tim at Gun Nuts Media that “senseless violence” is a misused term.

WaPo: “Guntry Clubs Target a new Breed of Shooter.” I think we could use a “Guntry Club” here in Southeastern, PA. There are a lot of affluent shooters in the area. We also have a lot of clubs, so perhaps there isn’t the market I would think, but a lot of clubs have hopelessly broken cultures.

Shannon Watts doesn’t think it’s ever too soon to politicize a shooting. They have to reach people when emotions are still raw. Once they start thinking, support for their position drops.

Anti-gun politician shoots home invader. Laws are for the little people.

Eugene Volokh has another take on the ‘Docs v. Glocks’ law. I’m perfectly willing to cut a deal with doctors groups: I’ll respect their 1st Amendment rights if they agree to respect my 2nd.

Business Insider article paraphrased: “Cheer up, gun control people, it’s not as bad as it looks.” No, it’s as bad as it looks.

I see the old home town liberal rag hasn’t changed a bit.

Kurt Schlichter: “American gun owners are beginning to respond with a fresh, powerful argument when facing anti-gun liberals. Here it is, in its entirety. Ready? ‘Screw you.’ That’s it. Except the first word isn’t ‘Screw.’” We’ve won because we’re persistent. The rest of the center-right coalition could learn a lesson from that.

Second Amendment advocates “cowardly” and “soulless” according to anti-gun group. Even the media can’t understand that a person can both have sympathy for victims of a mass shooter, while also believing in a strong and robust Second Amendment.

An appeal has been filed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to try to save Act 192, the enhanced preemption law.

Austin Bay: “To Counter Domestic Terror Attacks, Selectively Arm Military Personnel

NPR: “Flouting The Law, Some New Yorkers Won’t Register Guns.” Some? From the statistics I’ve seen, it seems it would be more accurate to say nearly everyone won’t.

Obama isn’t done with guns yet. I guess we could use another hundred thousand NRA members, and putting a few hundred thousand more ARs in civilian hands. Some extra motivation in 2016 couldn’t hurt either.

In other news, it’s Thursday.

Joe Manchin doesn’t think his bill has a prayer.

Here we go again with the tired and thoroughly debunked “Why don’t we treat guns like cars” argument again. One reason blogging gets tiring is the antis haven’t come up with any new arguments in like two decades.

TrackingPoint looks like it may be hackable.

SayUncle notes that the most segregated place he ever lived was South Jersey. That’s definitely true in the northeast. I’ve never heard of a Catholic neighborhood though, but if a neighborhood was an Italian or Polish neighborhood, it was pretty much Catholic by default.

Something Rotten in New Jersey

Holding out the possibility there’s more to this story than is being reported, am I the only one who read this article and wondered why it’s the kids being charged and not the cop? A story over at NJ.com has more information, where former prosecutors agree that state trooper in question could be in big heap trouble. The trooper claims he believed the kids were burglarizing his house, and there’s also some dispute as to whether he identified himself as a police officer. But you know what? If I shoot at fleeing burglars, I’m going to jail. The fact that the kids called 911 after being shot at also doesn’t speak for the fact that they were attempting to burglarize the house, or that the officer identified himself. If he did not identify himself, according to the article at NJ.com that could mean additional serious charges:

If he’s not treated as an on-the-job officer — and Romankow was more skeptical the trooper would be — any number of other charges might come into play, Bianchi said. Second-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose could mean 5 to 10 years, with 3 years of parole ineligibility. Fourth-degree pointing a weapon at another person carries 18 months of parole ineligibility.

If this is a case of an officer losing his cool, at the least it should be the end of his career, and he should face the same charges any similarly situation civilian would face under these circumstances.

Citizens Defending Recruiting Stations & Rifle Open Carry

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about people stepping up to defend military recruiting stations in the wake of the Chattanooga attack, and putting it in the same class as rifle OC. We’ve certainly seen our share of derp associated with some of these folks, but conceptually, I have a difficult time putting this in the same class as people carrying long guns into Target. I think the reason is because context matters. After an attack on a recruiting station, I think people can put two and two together and understand what’s going on. There is context for ordinary people to put this in that doesn’t make it as strange or threatening. I think we could certainly do without the derperators, but I don’t really see a problem conceptually with citizens stepping up responsibly, to do an important  job our government won’t. No one can top this guy, though.


Cut the Cord and Unsubscribe

I’ve been an advocate for some time for gun owners and center-right people of all persuasions to stop giving money to people who hate them. I’ll repeat that no gun owner should subscribe to a paper that insinuates “gun nuts” are either very dumb, or mass murderers. Nor should they pay any coin to people who wish them dead. It’s one thing to pen an op-ed against your position, but quite another to actively hate on millions of fellow Americans.

If you subscribe to a paper that hates you, call now and cancel your subscription, and tell them why. When they have free delivery days, call them and complain about them littering your property with trash. Bitter and I have been trying to convince family to cut the cord and ditch the papers, but for older people, it seems like asking them to cut off a limb. You can find alternatives online which don’t cost money, and if you use an ad blocker, or don’t click on ads, you’re not earning them any money either. Old people complain about the horrible articles in the paper, but they keep giving them subscription money. If someone tells me they hate me, it seems a logical thing to stop giving them my money. That seems masochistic to me.

Hollow Victory in North Carolina

A watered down gun bill is headed to the North Carolina Governor, but the Jim Crow era pistol permitting scheme will remain in place. The opposition in this case were the Sheriffs themselves, who are responsible for issuing the purchase permits. It’s always hard to overcome law-enforcement opposition to something when dealing with “law and order” Republicans. I don’t know the politics of North Carolina all that well, but I suspect if North Carolinians really want to be rid of this remaining vestige of Jim Crow, it may be necessary to buy off the Sheriffs. Remember that Clinton got his Assault Weapons Ban by buying FOP support in the form of federal money to hire 100,000 new police officers. Perhaps it’s possible to buy the support of the Sheriffs by throwing them a bone on another issue that’s important to them, or buying their support with cash to their departments from the state coffers. Without the sheriffs railing against the bill, a lot of those “law and order” Republicans will likely drop their opposition as well.

Media Coverage Drives Mass Shooters

The Columbus Dispatch thinks the mass shooting trend is hard to explain. Well, first, there is no trend. That whole FBI study was fabricated to serve the Administration’s gun control agenda. Secondly, it’s pretty clear these things tend to cluster because the media likes to focus on the shooter, reprint their manifestos, and generally make them infamous. Other people with mental health issues see these stories, and desire such infamy for themselves. If you’re kind of a loser, or really not all there upstairs, this looks like a way to go out while being somebody, even if that somebody is a deranged mass murderer. I believe this is a big part of what drives other insane, depressed, or depraved people to carry out such attacks. If the media just stuck to the facts, and didn’t frame their stories in a way that makes the mass shooter notorious, I think you’d see far fewer mass-shootings. I know Bearing Arms does not print the names of mass shooters, and I’ve tried to do that in my blogging as well.

No friend of federalism, no friend of mine

Governor Christie seems to think he can override the expressed will of the voters of several states via federal action. Because federal interference in states’ matters is cool for stuff he doesn’t like.

Florida Cleared by Federal Court to Enforce “Docs v. Glocks” Law

The 11th Circuit has lifted the injunction on enforcement starting Tuesday. When this idea was originally proposed, I was against it, believing it would be a slam dunk First Amendment case. But as the medical establishment becomes more and more in cahoots with the ruling elite, to push gun control on the peasantry,  screw ’em. This is how the peasants punch back twice as hard. There’s one way doctors can prevent the proliferation of these laws, and that’s by getting the medical establishment out of political issues that have nothing to do with the practice of medicine, and have everything to do with using the stature and prestige of their profession to shame their patients into the adopting the progressive-left orthodoxy on how to live the good life. To the extent that these bills threaten the autonomy and speech rights of doctors, they have invited this on themselves.

More Guns are the Answer!

So say Americans. We are winning this culture war, slowly but surely. My primary worry is increasingly becoming that we’re going to lose the White House in 2016, and thus lose the Supreme Court, in which case Heller and McDonald, if not outright overturned, will go the way of the Lopez and Morrison federalism cases. But other than that, I think things look pretty good for for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Unfortunately, I think everything else in this country is going to hell in a hand basket, so perhaps we are indeed to become a European style social democracy with guns. Well, at least until we run out of other people’s money. Then it will get…. interesting.

From the “He’ll Just Take Your Gun” Files

Apparently it happened, but it was an escort defending herself from someone who was trying to kill her, and it turns out it may be that she stopped a serial killer who was responsible for possibly up to four other murders. He put the gun down to strangle her, she picked it up and shot him fatally. One the one hand, good show. On the other hand, I guess it is possible for an unarmed person turn the tables on someone with a gun! In this case, I’m glad she was able.