More on Everytown’s Efforts to End Default Proceeds

LoopholeEverytown is apparently seeking a large ad buy ($12 million) in order to push what they are now calling the “Charleston Loophole.” This is very dishonest. First of, the bureaucrats had five days to act, and they did not. Secondly, there’s supposed to be follow up on default proceeds. There was not. This was entirely a failure of government. Default proceeds were intended to prevent people exercising their rights from having those rights held hostage to bureaucrats who refused to act. All it would have taken was a phone call. Default proceeds are not a “loophole.”

I’m also amused by Everytown’s attempts to inflate their numbers. Their claims of membership are laughable: “Everytown for Gun Safety says it has more than 3 million members and 40,000 donors.” I’m sure they have 3 million people who signed a petition, or had any other contact with their organization, like signing up for an e-mail list. I’m signed up for their newsletters, so I probably count as a member. If they were to use something closer to NRA’s standard, they have 40,000 members. They have 780,000 followers on their Facebook Page (who I’d bet count as members), and I’d wager a good number of them are pro-gun people keeping tabs. NRA has 4.2 million.

Nonetheless, Bloomberg’s money is the biggest threat we face. The gun control movement has never seen this kind of cash put behind it. We’re probably quite lucky that we’re dealing with Bloomberg now, after all our cultural gains of the last decade, and not dealing with him back in the 90s. I shudder to think what his money would have done to us back in the 1990s.

3 thoughts on “More on Everytown’s Efforts to End Default Proceeds”

  1. If (that person) had a denied background check, the FBI had almost two months to recover the firearm. Did they try? Did they even ask the FFL to try?

    Why Didn’t They?

  2. Everytown: we have 3 million members, 98.7% of which don’t give enough of a shit to donate even a dollar.

  3. No doubt they add facebook followers to twitter followers, etc., in order to inflate their numbers as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have just a few thousand members.

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