CSGV Encouraging 911 Abuse to “SWAT” People Carrying

Bearing Arms lead the weekend news cycle with a story about the Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership encouraging their followers to SWAT people who carry firearms and abuse the 911 system. This does not surprise me, given that CSGV are the rabid dogs of the anti-gun movement, and their followers are even more rabid. It’s interesting that one of their followers notes that the police department “laughed at me”, and CSGV encourages her to “call them again.”

They do realize that abusing 911 is a crime, do they not? In Pennsylvania it’s a third degree misdemeanor. They do realize that 911 is for emergencies, and not for political revenge against people they don’t like, do they not? Do they think tying up the resources of our first responders over something that is not a crime is really responsible behavior? They don’t care. They are zealots and extremists. They try to call us those things, but don’t let them get away with it.

4 thoughts on “CSGV Encouraging 911 Abuse to “SWAT” People Carrying”

  1. All this “crying wolf” will result in the 911 dispatchers treating every “man with a gun” call as if they’re being trolled…

    … which means eventually you may not get a response at all for an actual “criminal waving a gun” incident.

    That result should be pointed out far and wide. We all know what happened to the boy who cried wolf.

    1. More likely the cops are going to show up and kill somebody (armed or just surprised). Then the real fight will start.

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