No Love for Demanding Moms

Staples apparently asked Mom’s Demand Action to leave their property, as they tried to deliver a petition to the CEO to ban guns from their stores. They claim successful delivery because they managed to deliver it to the security guard. I kind of got a kick out of that tidbit. A real problem that Shannon Watts and MDA have is that they are mouth foamers, and their overly aggressive tactics are likely to turn people off to their message. No one likes to be bullied, or feel bullied. Corporations, quite properly, generally don’t want to wade into controversial political issues, and that’s exactly what Shannon Watts demands of them.

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  1. Corporations, quite properly, generally don’t want to wade into controversial political issues, and that’s exactly what Shannon Watts demands of them.

    That is so spot on. That is why some of the tactics of the Open Carry guys don’t work so well. Businesses may be on our side, but they would rather just sell you their products and go on with life, not be a pawn in any political battle, regardless of the side.

  2. Alpha Dog, so you’re saying that the gun grabbers looked at the Starbucks mess and decided to copy the most boneheaded and obnoxious parts of the OC protests?

    Though in fairness, no one on our side tried to barge their way into Starbucks HQ.

    I am wondering why Bloomberg bought out these folks. Given the one of the things MAIG had going for it was that they weren’t overtly mouth foamers and tried hard to look “normal” (their high conviction rate shows their… mixed success).

    1. The money he’s spending on Shannon Watts is like seat cushion change to you or I. Now that he’s out of public office, I think he’s going to throw his money around and see what works and what doesn’t. Shannon Watts is trying some novel tactics, and my guess is that he’s willing to throw his weight behind it and see if any of it sticks.

      When you drop some change in the donation bin at a local store for this cause or that, you don’t much care if an employee is really pocketing the money and runs, or whether the charity is for real or not. It’s more a feel good measure, and it’s only change so who really cares? That’s the position Bloomberg is in with the sums of money he spends on this stuff. It makes him feel like he’s doing something.

    2. MDA was always a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAIG. Watts was handpicked to run the operation, probably directly by MAIG.

    3. No. Buycots and supporting businesses that don’t discriminate against gun owners is good practice. But OC, especially long guns, is a hard one to sell to the general public, and regardless of the laws, most people freak when they see people sitting at Starbucks with a rifle slung over their back. That invites action from the other side and needlessly places the business in a position to have to make a position, when they would just rather be left alone to sell their wares.

      As for why Bloomberg chose them, perhaps it was because he thought it would be hard to criticize ‘moms’? He could blame every rebuttal as yet more of the non-existent war on women?

      1. Yep.

        The optic they want isn’t angry old white dudes (Schumer, Bloomberg) arguing against other old white dudes (Wayne, Ted); but old white dudes arguing against moms, and kids, and apple pie.

        The problem is they actually believe the pro-rights side is just angry old white dudes, and it isn’t, and they keep picking “moms” who are frothing at the mouth bat-shit crazy who turn off the undecided folks.

  3. Makes me wish I was the security guard so I could “file” it in the appropriate container right there in front of them…

  4. So does this mean they have been “Trespassed” from staples and are subject to arrest should they return?

    One can only hope.

      1. Carrie had the courage of her convictions and the stones to put her blood and treasure where her mouth was.

        Albeit in an age where I’d guess men were even more restrained against striking a lady than they are today.

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