Good News for Colorado Gun Owners


A new poll shows that Colorado voters oppose tougher gun laws. Opposition pushes to 70% for men, with women barely getting a majority of 51%. That’s still a pretty significant gender gap, but support is still dropping among women, it’s just dropping much faster among men. This is good news. The article does note that Hickenlooper enjoys a 51-40% approval rating, which is pretty good. But there is significant hope that is Colorado activists can get ahead of Dudley Brown, there’s a pretty good chance they can get the 15 round limit raised to 30 rounds, and then get rid of it if the legislature can become more favorable.

2 thoughts on “Good News for Colorado Gun Owners”

  1. The poll showed voters oppose such laws 56-39 percent, with a 80-18 percent opposition among Republicans. Independent voters oppose tougher laws by 59-35 percent while Democrats support tougher laws 76-19 percent.

    Just more proof that the Democratic Party is the party of gun-control. And Republicans are becoming the party of gun-rights.

    Will the Democratic Party start changing after losing more elections than they win nationwide? I’m doubtful. The Party has been distilling down to its hard-core Left wing since 1994.

  2. Are there a lot more women registered to vote than men, then? 69 and 51 shouldn’t average to 56.

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