More Good Polling News

A Pew Poll rates the parties on issues, and look what party isn’t winning on “gun control.”


Well, well, it looks to me like gun control is a losing issue for the Democrats after all, just like I’ve been saying. This is the GOP’s biggest issue, meaning the one they are most trusted on by voters. When are the Democrats going to tell Barack Obama to get bent on the issue and have the courage to admit publicly gun control is a failure, and bad politics for Democrats. This strikes me as a bad time for Bernie Sanders to capitulate to the lunatic wing of his party on this issue.

10 Responses to “More Good Polling News”

  1. Mike Novak says:

    It’s now crystal clear that Jim Webb is the only Democratic candidate that gun owners can trust. He supports arming members of the military and carries himself.

    • beatbox says:

      I’ve been a big fan of Webb’s since he was a Senator.

    • Brad says:

      Webb jumped parties from Republican to Democrat in 2006. Supposedly for the principled reason of opposition to the invasion of Iraq. Okay, maybe he can be forgiven for that and still be trusted.

      But how do you forgive or forget Webb giving cover to Obama in 2008 on the gun issue? He even did a radio ad for Obama, all to reassure voters that Obama was not anti-2nd Amendment.

      And since then? I have not heard one peep of regret, or explanation from Webb. And now Webb wants to be President?

      Gun owners can not trust Webb. I certainly don’t.

  2. beatbox says:

    You should note that the GOP polls pretty negative in every other area on that survey.

  3. The Jack says:

    So did Sanders try to counter-flank Hillary’s attempt to outflank him on gun control?

    And will Hillary try to raise the ante again?

  4. rd says:

    Bernie’s new gun control position should be publicized far and wide.

    ‘Speaking from New Orleans on NBC’s Meet The Press, Sanders told moderator Chuck Todd that “guns used to kill people exclusively, not for hunting, should not be sold in the United States of America.”’

    No handguns, no personal defense weapons, no carbines, he might deign to allow you peasants a bolt-action rifle or shotgun, but why would you even need a five round capacity?

  5. Jim Jones says:

    Oh no. When your enemy is in the process of hanging himself, you give him all the ropes he needs. Let Sanders and Clinton jump into the “gun control” deep end with full gusto.

    • Mike Novak says:

      I’d like to know how that would be received by Democratic primary voters/caucus participants Iowa and New Hampshire. Are they more pro-gun than the base in other states?

  6. Brad says:

    I think this goes a long way to explain why Democrats lost the South. The contrast between the anti-gun pogrom of 2013 and the election results of 2014 could not be more stark.

  7. beatbox says:

    You GOP cheerleaders would do well to read the entire poll. Doesn’t look good for the Republicans