Some Analysis of the Brady Suit Against Lucky Gunner


Dave Hardy, who unlike me is a lawyer, looks at the Brady Center suit against Lucky Gunner and declares it weak tea. As a reader mentioned yesterday, LG is owned by former law students of Glenn Reynolds. If I were them, I’d be looking into what sanctions are available in Colorado against plaintiffs who file frivolous lawsuits with an aim to punch back twice as hard.

I believe the best strategy to discourage the Brady Center from continuing to harass and harangue people out of exercising their constitutional rights is to make sure they pay for this to the fullest extent available under the law. I believe in the past, our side was generally reluctant to play dirty with the Bradys, for fear of the negative PR associated with the big, bad gun industry attacking poor little gun control advocates. I think in this case, based on comments I’ve seen around non-gun sites, most people view this as suing car dealers for DUIs. We shouldn’t fear the news cycle on this one.

I think we should ensure that the costs for these legal adventures is borne as much as possible by the Brady Center. If the Brady’s don’t accomplish anything except enriching our pro-2A attorneys, I’m pretty certain this strategy will be declared a loser, and they will stop.

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  1. I read some of the filing that the Bradys posted. In the timeline that they list (pages 7-8 of the brady pdf), the shooter bought sufficient ammo from Bass Pro and Gander Mountain (combined, over multiple purchases) to commit the shooting, yet the Bradys aren’t suing them. If you want any more evidence that this isn’t a serious lawsuit there you go.
    This is targeted at the Online Retailers, probably hoping to have them settle or go out of business from legal costs.

    1. Dead on. Their “logic” is ludicrous. I hope the defendants start a defense fund so we can participate in crushing this ridiculous claim.

    2. What evidence do they have that the shooter used the ammo he bought from Lucky Gunner, and not Gander Mountain?

      I think in this case, based on comments I’ve seen around non-gun sites, most people view this as suing car dealers for DUIs

      Since they are going after ammo sales, more like suing the gas station.

  2. This lawsuit was made on the same day that Google went live with expanded restrictions on advertising firearms related gear. Is this a coordinated effort to limit the ability to sell firearms accessories and shooting sports gear online?

  3. I wonder if the Brady Camp will even have the capital to cover the bill once the smoke clears.

    They aren’t exactly the same group that was running around in the 90s.

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